10 best fashion applications for fans of the sector

by fashionsnobber

Leaving aside the official fashion applications of our favorite brands, which are the best apps for smartphones and tablets that a fashion enthusiast cannot miss and know? Let’s find out together…

10 free best fashion applications smartphone

Migliori applicazioni smartphone di moda - Best fashion smartphone app.

1. Depop

For IOS and Android. One of the most comfortable and practical fashion applications to sell or exchange garments and accessories that we no longer use but also to buy new ones or past seasons left in our hearts and never found again.

2. Freax Fashion Street Style

For IOS and Android. Discover new inspirations drawing inspiration from all over the world, upload our photos starting from the fitting room to get immediate (or almost) advice on buying it or not and how it is on us, show our new purchases and know what others think it has never been easier than with this application.

3. Polyvore

For IOS and Android. In addition to finding every article of major brands and not, infinite inspirations based on each style, it allows you to create collages of our ideas by mixing multiple brands that you can share wherever we want. Personally, among all the existing fashion applications, it is the one I use most to create sets to be published both on the Facebook page and in the blog.

4. Pose

For IOS and Android. How a social network allows you to follow and be followed by creating new contacts in addition to obtaining many inspirations from the most famous fashion blogs, sharing our outfits and being able to see what others are wearing on a certain occasion, a specific day or according to the climate and the season.

5. ShopStyle

For IOS and Android. The best fashion app for shopping. Worldwide, you can search for any type of garment that comes to mind and find where to buy it immediately.

6. Style.com

For IOS. From the best and namesake website that keeps you informed on every latest trend, fashion shows, interviews, events and everything that revolves around the world of fashion systems, the app is no different. Of all the fashion applications, it is absolutely essential to stay up to date.

7. Stylect

For IOS and Android. For shoe freaks. It allows you to create a wishlist and when that product is discounted a notification will arrive. Furthermore, in the Magazine section it is possible to vote which looks we like and which less of stars, starlets and not. Excellent pastime when you are queuing at the post office, in a waiting room or waiting for the bus or metro.

8. Stylicious

For IOS and Android. A kind of free and in Taliano version of Stylebook (3.99 €). It allows you to organize our wardrobe so as not to forget that garment that maybe we use little and it is finished who knows where in the maze of our wardrobe.

9. Stylight

For IOS and Android. E-commerce of countless brands with all the offers of the moment. The internal search engine allows you to find a specific article immediately. Prices in euros and in Italian.

10. The Hunt

For IOS and Android. Do you have an article seen on some Instagram or web photos but you have not been able to find out where to find it? By uploading the photo, thanks to the help of its community, this is perhaps among the most ingenious fashion applications that allows you to find out where you can find it to buy it immediately.

Paid fashion smartphone app

Best fashion smartphone apps.

Very useful, available in Italian but for a fee is the application for IOS FAD (3.99 €). An instant dictionary of fashion. Among the paid fashion applications, it is the one I recommend most to all fashion bloggers who do not want to risk writing one thing for another using an inappropriate term.
For iPad only, however, I recommend The Cut on the Runway with all the latest fashion shows, backstages and an archive of past years. It also allows you to vote on the looks in the top 100.

Now tell me, what are your indispensable applications? Do you have any new recommendations?

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