Shopping 2.0: the 10 best fashion online shop

by fashionsnobber

Everybody likes shopping. Men included. Of course, going to the shops is always better as you can try the items and see the finishes and fabrics personally, but how much more practical is it to rely on an online store? Now we all do it, I would even say that we are almost dependent on it. Sitting in front of a PC or smartphone screen we can choose what we want, what we like or what we need and let us deliver it comfortably at home in a matter of days. No queue or little time available for good online shopping but a wide selection and overview of the products. That being said, what are the best fashion online shop to which we can confidently entrust ourselves without receiving nasty surprises? Let’s find out together…

Online shopping: the different types of e-commerce

Before discovering the best fashion online shop I think it is useful to know the different types of online shops where we can come across.

  • Single-brand e-commerce: online shops managed by a single seller, point of sale or single producer.
  • Market place: online shops where you can find items from different retailers or brands.
  • Flash sales: online shops that offer super but limited balances in a time frame set by them.

These three types of online stores can in turn be classified into other 4 different types:

  • B2B: business to business, product exchanges between companies.
  • B2C: business to consumer, companies that sell products directly to consumers.
  • C2C: consumer to consumer, consumers who exchange products online with each other (such as online auctions).
  • C2B: consumer to business, consumers who make their products available to companies.

The 10 best fashion online shop

Migliori negozi online di moda - Best fashion online shop.

In alphabetical order to not hurt anyone.

1. Asos. My absolute favorite, the first one I’m going to look for the right inspiration or the slightly more trendy article. Ideal for all types of pockets.
2. H&M. Low cost, practical and fast. In my opinion the online shop has much more beautiful and special things than the store in the flesh.
3. LuisaViaRoma. Are you looking for a particular brand? Here you will surely find it and with the best garment. A real fashion victim cannot have never bought on this fashion online shop.
4. Net-a-Porter. Chic, simple and even a little sophisticated has its beauty because. It looks more like a glossy magazine, but once you’ve started browsing it, getting lost for hours in its proposals is a snap.
5. Privalia. The number one in Italy. If he does not know what he is doing, he will not know who can do it.
6. ShowRoomPrive. Try to believe, one of the best flash sales.
7. Vente-Privee. Over 2600 brands present with staggering discounts, really impossible not to be able to buy anything.
8. Yoox. You can find real gems of big brands with affordable figures.
9. Zalando and Zalando Privè. Everything and more. Getting lost is a moment and its guaranteed return will make history. Just like the screams of Brescia and Incontrada.
10. Zara. Low cost mutation because despite the prices tend to rise compared to the quality of the offered clothes is always a godsend. We must know how to buy and select but for me it is very valid. To handle with care.

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She is Mary ( 26.10.2015 - 14:49

Assolutamente d’accordo sulle prime tre posizioni, in particolare Zalando!
Nuova follower :)

Idu Emeziem 25.10.2015 - 4:14

LuisaViaRoma, Yoox and Net-a- Porter are a few of my all time favorite shopping stops. Pricey but I’m sure to find very cool things. Thanks for sharing.

Anett 22.10.2015 - 15:21

Personalmente adoro Yoox e Zalando!

Bella Pummarola


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