Top Ten best low-cost fashion brands

by fashionsnobber

We love luxury brands, we dream about them and we all want them. There is little to do or to say about it. However, to be honest, I like a lot those who manage to mix low-cost fashion brands for everyone with decidedly more elite clothes. It is less a setback to “poverty”, pass me the term, and define your style more consciously. To be clear, it is easy to copy an entire look seen on a glossy magazine of a great brand. A little less to interpret it to your taste and with your own possibilities.

Low-cost brand vs luxury brand

Personally, I would never spend huge amounts on an article that can be used only as a trend for a specific season and then turn out to be the next. I prefer to be able to spend more on that classic and timeless clothing that even in 10 years will be fine and will always be chic. This is why low-cost fashion brands save me. And perhaps, for those who think like me, they save us from wasting, often, out of place.
It is also true that entering their shops many times is a lottery and after a few minutes you go out of your mind from not understanding anything anymore. Especially in the sales period. Council? I always look first at online shops. I sign the article, and then I go to the store to try it and see if it can be what I was looking for from life. When instead I am really convinced purchase from the site. However, low-cost fashion clothing deserve some real attention to check stitching, fabrics, cuts and how they fall, otherwise the risk of disappointment is just around the corner.

The 10 best low-cost fashion brands we can find in Italy with adjoining online shop

In alphabetical order, not of preference.


Fashion brand low cost Alcott.

Los Angeles 1988. An urban style that can not be more urban.


Fashion brand low cost Bershka.

Sweden 1998. For all teenagers who want to be trendy 24 hours a day. It must be said that as a brand you do not wear a lot so those who have a few extra kilos must do without them.


Migliori brand di moda low cost.

Sweden 1947. Everything to everyone by offering collaborations with big names and familiar faces that can not go unnoticed. 360° fashion for women, men and children with attached home section, make-up and accessories of various kinds.

Also from the Swedish company H&M, the brands & Other Stories and COS are part of and worthy of mention. The first with higher prices than H&M but always affordable as a low-cost fashion and more like Zara as a philosophy of changing collections every two weeks. The second much more expensive than the first two but for those who prefer a minimal and chic style above the current trends, it is amazing.


Più famosi brand di moda low cost.

Spain 1984. For a casual and urban look yes, but in my opinion much more chic and elegant, always made desirable also thanks to the high level testimonials used every year.


Migliori marchi di moda a basso costo.

Italy, Padova 1972. Playing with fashion has never been easier, whatever our size and age.


Best fashion brand low cost.

France 1971. As for Bershka, the sizes tend not to be very large but they are improving recently. Perhaps we begin to understand that 38 are not so common. Having said this, it is a low-cost fashion brand capable of making us find the right garment to inspire us and tell our personal style.


Fashion brand low cost.

Spain 1991. Street style more trends of the moment, nothing better for the inspiration of those who observe young people on the street and not necessarily on the catwalks.


Best low cost fashion brand.

Spain 1994. When playing with styles becomes passion and go from a classic to a trendy possibility. Even this low-cost fashion brand tends to have small sizes. In this case, aim for accessories that are always very well supplied.


Brand di moda low cost italiano.

Italy 1988. For those of the metropolitan style it makes it a real philosophy while perfectly adapting to every circumstance without ever being out of place. The Italian touch is there and it shows. My son loves it for outfits to go to school and at leisure.


Migliori brand di moda low cost.

Spain 1974. New collections every two weeks to never get bored and always find the perfect garment for our style or a particular occasion. In my opinion it is the first low-cost fashion brand that has really shaken the luxury brands.

Finally, the low-cost fashion brands that I really don’t like are GAP (United States 1969) and Tally Weijl (Switzerland 1984). I never find anything except basic garments in the first one. As for lingerie, let’s not forget Tezenis (Italy 2003), Oysho (Spain 2011) and Intimissimi (Italy 1996). Able to make us feel perfect even under the sheets, under our everyday look or under the most sought-after dress.

And you, which low-cost fashion brand could you do without?

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