10 blogger mistakes to avoid for a successful blog

by fashionsnobber

Being a successful blogger, having a professional blog and seriously blogging is not easy. Or rather, it is not easy if we want to do it well. For example, many of us often fall into even trivial mistakes. For this reason, today I really want to talk about the most common 10 blogger mistakes that one must remember not to make.

10 blogger errors to avoid if you want to start a successful blog

10 errori blogger da evitare in un blog di successo.

The eye wants its part

As for the visual part of a blog, ie graphics and navigation, there are three common blogger mistakes that I have noticed many often underestimate.

1. Mobile version not updated. It is one of the most important things. By now a good 80% of people prefer to surf on smartphones rather than on a fixed PC. Forgetting to update or check that the mobile version works flawlessly is therefore one of the biggest blogger mistakes. Knowing how to choose the best responsive template for your blog is fundamental and by relying on Envato Market you can’t go wrong.

2. Hidden contact information. They are the indispensable basis for being written by companies in case of collaborations, by readers in case of questions but not only. It is important that our contact information is always well-filled and easily available. The best solution is to place them on a special page in the navigation menu.

3. Graphics not taken care of. Studies show that clean, minimal, uncluttered and easy to navigate blogs are the ones that work best. Filling it with invasive pop-ups, advertisements or having a chaotic home page drives the reader away almost immediately. Remember that we have 5-6 seconds to convince a reader to stay. The visual impact is the first thing we need to focus on.

Blog content

Speaking of the main contents treated in a blog, in this case there are five blogger errors on which we must pay attention.

1. Don’t have a specific topic. When we decide to create a blog from scratch we should already have a specific theme in mind. Going randomly talking in one horror film post and another in underwear doesn’t focus on helping us to emerge in a certain niche rather than another. None of us are allologists but have very specific skills or passions. We write about what we know really well tied to a common thread, maximum two, but not a bit of everything.

2. Be too personal. A blog is an online diary, of course, but unless we deal with a purely personal topic we should try to alternate personal posts with other more technical ones capable of making our skills known. They are often the ones who will help us to have multiple views. People on the net are looking for answers. Diamogliele.

3. Neglect your readers. Readers owe everything. Without them a blog is practically dead. We never forget to thank them as much as we can, to reply to their email or let them know that we read their comments even when we are unable to reply to everyone.

4. Don’t share your articles. Once a post is published, we don’t think the whole world knows immediately that we have published and you get to read us. Let’s help with social networks by sharing it on them and in themed groups. But be careful not to become spam. We have to select well where to share based on our niche of competence and interest. If we have a fashion blog, we are looking for communities that deal with that topic and do not advertise where, for example, they talk about food.

5. Observe research trends obsessively. Many think that assiduously following the most sought-after topics on the net and then publishing what makes them friends of Google and gives authority to the blog. Mistaken. It guarantees temporary visits, that is, but choosing to create content that lasts over time is definitely the best choice. A trend is short-lived, we must aim for “forever“.

Technical part

Finally, as far as the technical part of a blog is concerned, there are two blogger mistakes that, even in this case, many underestimate.

1. Ignoring numbers or on the contrary becoming obsessed with them. Analyzing the progress of our blog both in terms of visitor numbers, views and search terms on how they come to us is essential to understand how to move in the future. Which topics to deal with specifically and to which target mainly they reach. On the contrary, it seriously damages becoming obsessed with checking them every day as if they were our only goal. Doing it once a month is more than good. Blogging is slow work, it takes time and dedication. The numbers will only go up if we are patient, focusing on the content and the image we want to give.

2. Invest money for immediate results. Basically buy followers and views. Except that soon they will make it illegal because in fact bogus if not stolen identities are bought. We need to know that Google is able to identify all potentially suspicious actions, with what result? All this will harm our positioning and the good authority obtained honestly with our blog. In addition, as it has now become quite easy to find out who, how and where to buy them, we will lose real readers in no time. A reader always expects honesty and truth from us. Just as, if we think about it, that’s what we expect when we go to any other blog. Deny them once and it will be lost forever. We will remain only “influencers” of ghosts.

In summary, do you want to be a blogger? Here are the top 10 mistakes to avoid if you want to become a professional on the web:

10 errori che un blogger non deve assolutamente fare.

  1. Don’t keep your mobile version of the blog up to date.
  2. Having contact information hidden or not easily found.
  3. Untreated, overly chaotic templates and graphics, full of useless information, invasive advertisements and pop-ups.
  4. Do not deal with specific topics on which we are competent and prepared linked by a common thread.
  5. Write only about strictly personal topics.
  6. Neglect readers.
  7. Do not share blog posts on social networks.
  8. Write only for search engines and trends.
  9. Become obsessed with blog trend numbers.
  10. Investing money in immoral practices like buying followers and visits.

These, in my humble opinion, are the top 10 blogger mistakes everyone should remember not to make. And you? Are you committing any or are you diligent in every aspect? I blatantly lack social and sharing. But I will improve, I promise.

Blogger mistakes to avoid in a fashion blog.

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