10 classic timeless pieces

by fashionsnobber

By now we all agree on classic timeless items that should not be missing in a perfect basic wardrobe can always clothe. But if we talk about those articles truly timeless, that year after year, fashion week after fashion week, trend after trend, remained style index?
It’s true, some go to taste and not everyone likes, but in the end, after some research, it is they who have made and continue to make history. They are leaders and truly timeless accessories.

10 classic timeless pieces in style and elegance

Blue jacket

Capi classici senza tempo, la giacca blu - classic timeless pieces, blue jacket.

In the nineteenth century was worn with day dress, then he was part of the estate horsewoman, of the sailor and even the ski before becoming the mat garment that we all have. Among the various types the most classic and always impeccable remains the blue solid. Marine design even better.

Straight jeans

Capi classici senza tempo, i jeans a sigaretta - Classic timeless pieces, straight jeans.

The jeans were invented by the tailor Jacob Davis in 1871 and patented as we all know Levi Strauss. From there it’s history. Infiniti models and colors but the skinny jeans, or Straight Jeans, remain without a shadow of a doubt that classic boss and timeless that we all have worn at least once.


Capi classici senza tempo, i mocassini - Classic timeless pieces, loafers.

First they appeared in 1932 with a model inspired by the shoes of the Norwegian dairy milkers and Lapps. The boom moccasins real though part in the ’30s but its success remains without a doubt Gucci and Fratelli Rossetti. Their models rarely missed a shot. I personally would add a nice TOD’S though.

Chanel tailleur

Capi classici senza tempo, il tailleur Chanel - Classic timeless pieces, Chanel tailleur.

The suit has already symbol of style in 1890 but with Coco Chanel in the 20s reaches its peak. His suits have made history and let’s face it, they do it still, despite the spectacular fashion from the catwalks. Little to say about that, just look at the cuts, finishes, fabrics. pure perfection.

Burberry trench

Capi classici senza tempo, il trench Burberry - Classic timeless pieces, Burberry trench.

The military raincoat designed by Burberry was called “trench” just by British soldiers of the time who used it. Produced specifically in a waterproof gabardine probably they would not have thought that after some time it would become and remained a real must. Such rules every year, and not just in terms of waterproof.

White t-shirt

Capi classici senza tempo, la t-shirt bianca - Classic timeless pieces, white t-shirt.

Used first as an undergarment and then work in the past centuries, it is in the 50’s and 60’s that the white t-shirt is beginning to establish itself. To characterize it its typical shape of a “T” on the short sleeves, round neck and cut the torso straight. On anything you wear you are always the good and with the right accessories takes on all the charm that could fail him.

Cashmere twin set

Capi classici senza tempo, il twin set di cashmere - Classic timeless pieces, cashmere twin set.

From the ’30s to today, this combination knit immediately makes chic. Composed of a cardigan and a sweater underneath in a coordinated is preferable absolutely cashmere. The cardigan should be left unbuttoned but whatever happens will be a success. It falls clearly in the classic timeless pieces to have.

Hermès foulard

Capi classici senza tempo, il foulard di Hermès - Classic timeless pieces, Hermès foulard.

Strictly silk is one of best selling accessories in the world. Those who dream and who has one for every day of the week is that one square of cloth handkerchief able to give you a certain touch of class how you wear it, you wear it.

Pearl necklace

Capi classici senza tempo, il girocollo di perle - Classic timeless pieces, pearl choker.

There is no accessory that evokes elegance like a pearl necklace. It’s by one or seven wires does not matter, nor will fake. Think of Jacqueline Kennedy, famous for its triple strand of pearls, that after death it was discovered they were a simple jewelry. Only important thing to always check is the frame that must be flawless with small knots between a pearl and the other.

Cartier watch

Capi classici senza tempo, l'orologio Cartier - Classic timeless pieces, Cartier watches.

The first wristwatch of this famous French jewelry dates back to 1904, the “Santos“. Famous clocks not only for the high-level design with precious materials but also for the technology. To date they remain in pole position in terms of elegance and style not only for men but also for women.

I definitely do not compromise on white t-shirt, trench coat, loafers and blue jacket. And for you instead? What are the classic timeless pieces which you would not or could ever do without?

Credits: Set made by Polyvore.

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