10 common errors that a blogger should avoid

by fashionsnobber

Be bloggers, having a blog and do blogging is not easy. Or rather, it is not easy if we want to get it right. For example many of us often fall into rather mundane even errors. And today I just want to tell you about the 10 most common errors that a blogger should remember to avoid. Including me.

10 common errors that a successful blogger should avoid

The eye wants its part

As for the visual part of a blog, ie graphics and navigation There are three common errors that I noticed many bloggers often underestimate.

1. Mobile version of date. And ‘one of the most important things. Now a good 70% of people prefer to surf the smartphone rather than a fixed PC. Forgetting to update or control the mobile version impeccably functions is therefore one of the biggest mistakes a blogger can do.

2. Hidden contact information. They are the fundamental basis for getting writing by companies in the case of partnerships, but not only. It ‘important to our contact information is well compiled and easily available. The best solution is to place them in a special page in the navigation menu.

3. Untreated graphics. Studies show that blog clean design, minimal, neat and easy navigation are the ones who are better. Fill it with pop-ups, advertisements or have a chaotic home page leaves the reader almost immediately. Remember that you have it and not 10 seconds to convince a reader to stay. The visual impact is the first thing that you need to focus.

Blog content

Speaking instead of the main content covered in a blog, in this case there are five errors on which we must pay attention.

1. Do not have a specific theme. When we decide to start a blog we should have in mind a specific theme. Go to the event talking in a post film and in another of underwear will not focus helping to emerge in a particular niche rather than in another. None of us are spin doctors but has very specific skills or passions. Write about what you know really well not a little of everything ‘and evil.

2. Being too personal. A blog is an online diary, of course, but unless you treat a purely personal matter try to alternate personal posts with other more technical enhance awareness of your skills. They are often the very ones that will help you have more views. People on the net looking for answers. Dategliele.

3. Neglecting their readers. Readers must all. Without them, a blog is pretty much dead. Never forget to thank them as you can, to answer their mail or let him know you read their comments even when you can not answer all.

4. Do not share your own articles. Once published a post do not think the whole world to know immediately that you have posted and you get to read. Help yourself with social sharing it on them, and in the theme groups. But be careful not to become spam. Select where to share according to your niche of expertise and interest. If fashion Spoken looking community that deal with that topic and do not be advertising where, for example talk about food.

5. Follow obsessed search trends. Many people think that to follow assiduously the most widely searched topics on the net and then publish them to make friends at Google, and give credibility to the blog. Mistaken. We guaranteed momentary visits, what you but choose to create content that will last over time is definitely the best choice. One trend is short-lived, you have to point to the “forever.”

Technical part

Finally, as regards the technical part of a blog there are two errors that many bloggers also in this case underestimate.

1. Ignore the numbers or on the contrary become obsessed. Analyze the performance of our blog both in terms of visitor numbers, views and how to come to us is fundamental to understanding how to move in the future. What topics dealing specifically and which come mainly target. Conversely seriously damages become obsessed with checking them every day as if they were our only goal. Do it once a month is more than good. Blogging is a slow, takes time and dedication. The numbers will go up but be patient and concentrate on the content and the image dates.

2. Investing money to get immediate results. Basically buy followers and views. Except that soon will make it illegal because in fact you buy fake identities or even stolen. But you should know that Google is able to identify all potentially suspicious actions with what result? Which not only harm to your positioning and good authority that you could get honest with your blog. But, since it is now also become rather easy to find out who, how and where to buy them, you will lose real readers in no time at all. A player always expects honesty and truth from you. As well as, if you think about it, it is what you expect when you go to any other blog. Negategliele once and it will be lost forever. You will influencer of ghosts.

Finished. These, in my humble opinion, are the top 10 mistakes that a blogger should remember not to do. And you? You commit someone or you are diligent about every aspect? I as well know in the field of social and lack shares. But get better, I promise. ;)

10 errori tipici di un blogger - 10 typical errors of a blogger.

10 errori comuni di un blogger - 10 typical errors of a blogger.

10 errori comuni che un blogger non deve fare - 10 common errors that a blogger should not do.

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