The 10 shoe models that never go out of style

by fashionsnobber

Tidying up, or rather, trying to tidy up the shoe rack, I focused on the myriad of shoes collected over the years. Some even of the same brand but in different colors. So I started to analyze which are the always fashionable shoe models that have characterized many generations. Well, I have come to the conclusion that in my opinion there are at least 10 belonging to specific brands. Let’s find out what footwear is always in fashion.

10 shoe models that never go out of fashion generation after generation

All shoe models I would say that they can also be included in the essential footwear for a perfect wardrobe.

Ballerina shoe Porselli

Modelli di scarpe ballerine.

International brand known since the early 1900s for its sporting goods related to dance but which has seen its street version of the typical ballerina shoe popular. For true lovers of this model it doesn’t stand up to comparison. The timeless classical dancer is Porselli in her countless and infinite colors.

Boots Timberland

Shoe models Timberland boots.

Having cleared its purely winter or trekking use, this line of boots has made fashion in past years and still remains in vogue for multiple seasons. In my opinion it is better not to abuse it depending on the look but in any case Timberland dictates the law on these specific shoe models.

Décolleté Christian Louboutin

Modelli si scarpe Christian Louboutin.

Perhaps they have become more of a status symbol than anything else but despite knowing their excessive discomfort, Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle model pumps are an unconditional dream for many women and they don’t stand up to the comparison Jiimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik despite being big brands with models to scream.

Espadrilles Castañer

Modelli di scarpe espadrillas.

In my opinion, the most beautiful shoe models of espadrille always remain the no brands, perhaps with white and blue stripes, found in the bazaar shops of Saint Tropez. But, if they really have to be signed, the best brand on the matter is and always will be Castañer in all its experience and professionalism.

Flip-Flop Havaianas

Havaianas collection shoe models..

Who doesn’t have at least a couple? And do you think that if all the Havaianas flip flops sold in the world were lined up, you could go around the world 50 times. Clearer than that.

Ankle Boots Clarks

Modelli di scarpe polacchine.

For men or women, the shoe models of ankle boots, from what world is the world, are Clarks. If we wear them from another brand, there are those who are able to look at us wrong. Not everyone loves them but they have been a must for generations, there is little to discuss. Accept them and let’s accept them, they have an unmistakable class.

Sandals René Caovilla

Rene Caovilla shoe models sandals.

Well, a gentleman is René Caovilla without a shadow of a doubt. High, low, evening or not this brand in terms of originality, class, style and elegance can only teach. Deserved bow and pure envy for those who can afford more than a couple.

Sneakers Converse

Sneakers Converse All Star shoe models Chuck Taylor.

The shoe models of Converse All Star Chuck Taylor I think are the best sellers in the world in terms of sneakers and if they do not go around the world 50 times as for Havaianas flip flops in my opinion it is because it far exceeds them. I have at least 6 pairs, not counting those thrown and changed over the years, with the certainty of not being the only one. You could hurry to do 1 + 1.

Sneakers Superga

Sneakers scarpe da tennis Superga 2750.

Another unbeatable must is the 2750 model of the Superga sneakers. Infinite colors and variations for this decidedly fine and chic shoe capable of being worn on practically everything. Skirts and dresses included. It also acquires much more charm when used.

Boots Hunter

Modelli di scarpe stivali da pioggia.

The rain rubber boot is Hunter. High or low, light or dark, glossy or opaque, whatever our choice we will not be wrong and we will always be on the piece with dry feet.

And you? Have you had, do you have them all or are you missing any of these shoe models? I obviously miss the René Caovilla and the Christian Louboutin. For the rest I would say that I have seen long over the years.

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