10 original ideas for DIY Christmas tree

by fashionsnobber

In a few days it is time to make the christmas tree. Someone has already done, but we ignore it. According to tradition, on December 8, the date on which enjoy staging of Christmas decorations. Little miss and you’re still stuck for ideas? Do you want to create something original that hit? Well, here I collected 10 ideas that are right for you. And maybe even mine.

The Christmas tree that I would

I’m quite classic, for me to give up the fir, albeit fake, it is extremely difficult. But I admit that the search for material for this post has jeopardized my initial idea of a Christmas tree with red and white tones, or Rainbow, or pink, or total white with touches from when I was playing.

Idee chic per l'abero di natale - Chic ideas to decorate the Christmas tree.

Then it happens that the rainbow idea that rose me they have shot down. The first and the second course my husband my son. Total white I had already done a few years ago and so like it or not fall back on the classic combo always chic red and white. I will repay shabby with wooden decorations and natural shades touches. In the lead is not bad then we will see what will come out. But now we come back to us and to the 10 most original ideas DIY on how to create a Christmas tree proof of fantasy.

10 ideas for an original DIY Christmas tree

Dress Christmas tree

Idee abito ad albero di natale - Fashion Christmas tree dress ideas.

Someone will remember that I created last year with my custom stuff. Well, in recent years this idea is depopulated in multiple variants. It is realized with a dummy, a rigid or semi-rigid to give shape to the skirt, Christmas wreaths, choice and all your passion for fashion decorations.

Christmas tree by wooden wall with lights

Albero di natale a parete in legno con lucine - Christmas tree from wooden wall.

Simple and impressive. It is realized with wooden sticks found in any forest or park, Christmas lights and various decorations. The latest version instead consists of a plywood panel on which have wires of lights in the shape of fir. Original, practical and unobtrusive.

Christmas tree in wood

Idee albero di natale in legno - Wood ideas Christmas tree.

These Christmas tree ideas I think are of great impact. The tree becomes a true design object. They are realized with structures in wooden sticks or planks of plywood and a choice of decorations. Fabulous and super original.

Minimal Christmas Tree

Idee fai da te per albero di natale minimal - Minimal Christmas tree DIY.

For those who like a minimalist style these ideas are perfect. Do not clutter and really require little manual labor despite being original and pleasant. It happens only with pieces of Christmas wreaths and wanting to be chosen by adding decorations.

Polaroid Christmas tree

Idee albero di natale fai da te con foto polaroid - Christmas tree polaroid photos ideas DIY.

Are you a photographer? You have a passion for photography or simply like to remember the best moments of your and your family? These ideas are not original, more! They are realized with photos positioned in the shape of fir. Some small light around and the tree is served.

Books Christmas tree

Idee albero di natale fai da te con libri - Christmas tree book DIY.

Fond of reading? At home you have more space for books that a tree? The first idea is realized by placing a pyramid giving them a form to spruce and decorating everything with fairy lights. The second by using the pages of an old book or maybe a notebook or diary why not stick them in the shape of the fir tree on a wall and voila! Le jeux sont fait!

Picture Christmas tree

Idea originale per un albero di natale fai da te - Original idea DIY Christmas tree.

Also for those with limited space these ideas are real manne from heaven. Just take a blank canvas, or a plywood panel and create in any way you want a Christmas tree. It is with a string of pearls, or circles data from finished cardboard rolls of some product or drawn with brushes, it does not matter. Use your imagination to create your own Christmas framework in this case is essential.

Christmas tree under a ladder

Albero di natale fai da te - Christmas tree DIY.

You know that scale that you hold in the closet? For one month a year could become important. A beautiful tree Christmas really is achievable with little. A straight, flush fishing and Christmas balls of every color and shape. Brilliant!

Cardboard box Christmas tree

Albero di natale fai da te in cartone - Christmas tree DIY.

This is the ideal proposal for those who like to customize everything by hand and also for children. To achieve this Christmas tree DIY need a cardboard box to be given the shape of fir tree, colored sheets of paper to be cut out and attack, photos, pens and markers. More easy, cheap and original so there is not!

Chalk and blackboard christmas tree

Albero di natale fai da te gesso e lavagna - DIY Christmas tree chalk and blackboard.

You have little space and maybe you would like to change the shape of your Christmas tree every day? Then you just a blackboard and chalk to make this simple DIY idea. That is, minimum spending maximum yield not?

Finally, if you own the Christmas tree does not fall in your plans you may take it with philosophy and use the pile of dirty laundry that have piled somewhere like in this photo you sent me a friend of WhatsApp. I do not know who the author but it’s a fucking genius! LOL!

Albero di natale panni sporchi - Dirty laundry Christmas tree.

Credits: Images found on the bulletin board “Christmas” on Pinterest where you can find several other original ideas for the Christmas tree.

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Idu Emeziem 07.12.2016 - 21:04

The dirty laundry tree is too cute an idea but my favorites are all the fashion trees.



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