Writing SEO: 10 rules to publish a perfect blog post

by fashionsnobber

Creating a perfect blog article is really difficult. We must take into account many factors and in any case the text of the blog post will never be up to the blogger in question. Neither for readers who will have to criticize or object something with a critical eye. Creating quality content and learning to write SEO can be those excellent starting points that can make the difference and allow us to emerge from the crowd with our own style making us recognize and find more easily.

The perfect blog post

10 regole SEO che tutti dovrebbero conoscere.

When you decide to open a blog, you knowingly throw yourself into the sharks to accept it or not. We want to get involved and learn from constructive criticism. I myself am trying to change something. I listen to everyone and try to improve myself without ever completely distorting my way of transmitting myself. I like studying the subject all the time and learning the basics of SEO has helped me a lot.
So writing a perfect blog post regarding the web is not completely impossible by following a few but important SEO rules that I decided to share in this blog post. My nerd inside personality is stronger than me and I don’t see what’s wrong with being able to give a small hand to those who technically understand less about blogging than others.

What is SEO

With the acronym SEO, extended Search Engine Optimization, all those practices and strategies are understood that are capable of improving and increasing the visibility of a website and its contents with the aim of improving positioning in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of search engines. In a nutshell, being able to appear among the first results when a user searches for something. Obviously to improve one’s indexing it is not enough just to know how to write SEO and all these strategies also concern many other aspects of a blog such as the management of reliable links both inbound and outbound and the structure of the site itself including its HTML code.

Writing SEO: 10 rules to publish a perfect post optimized for search engines

Come scrivere SEO - How to write SEO for publishing a perfect blog post.

Preamble: for those who use WordPress and have installed some specific plugins many of the points I will talk about already know them very well and follows them every time you put on the keyboard with the intention of writing SEO. Who does not have this help does not get scared. In fact, they are very simple small precautions that can be respected when writing a new blog post. I hope to be able to explain myself decently and in any case I am at your complete disposal for any questions or clarifications.

1. Title

The title of the blog post would be better with a minimum of 40 characters and a maximum of 70. It must be clear right away what we will talk about, it must contain within it the chosen keyword and admirably reflect the content of the article. The word games or titles that lie do not lead to anything or are adequate for those who really want to write SEO. Maybe they catch some extra visits but at most they can last a second and it’s completely useless, we have to keep the reader as long as possible giving him answers to what he is looking for.

2. Body text

Writing from 300 to 800 words is the ideal choice. Too few search engines like to be indexed and too many readers get bored. Finding the right balance is the best thing even if recent research has shown that a very long article tends to be shared more on social media.

3. Subtitle

Inserting in the text of the blog post at least one subtitle set as <h2> is one of the first steps in SEO writing. It must not be identical to the main title but contain the same keyword. You can also enter more than these as <h3>, <h4> and so on. These should be inserted into long texts to divide them into paragraphs of 300 words maximum in order to make reading more usable.

4. Images

The images attached to the blog post must be relevant with the attached alt text correctly filled in and containing the keyword or its synonyms. They should be optimized for the web making them read so as not to slow down the loading performance. Slow blogs do not like anyone and personally those who take more than 3/5 seconds immediately abandon them.

5. Url

A good strategy for writing SEO is to include an outgoing link from our blog to a trusted site. Without obviously abusing it because Google, quoting one, could read it as a clever movement to scale indexing and penalize us. It is an action to be carried out with the right and appropriate timeliness. The same goes for the internal links that refer to pages or categories of our blog.

6. Keyword

The main keyword is fundamental, it makes us understand the topic and should never be missing in any blog post. If it is less obvious than those most clicked on the web is even better. When we can choose to point to the niche that looks for us specifically using a synonym of the most popular keyword. Within the text at least two other related words must be inserted in the form of a synonym and, I recommend, never create an article totally full of keywords because it serves absolutely nothing. It is now an urban legend. The main one is to use it from 3 to 4 times based on the length of the article plus another 2 or 3 in the photos. No more, we opt for synonyms.

7. Tag

As for the tags in writing SEO it is not necessary to include too many. Only a few good ones must be used that are able to characterize the contents so that they can be found on the fly and stop. If chosen carefully from the beginning we will probably always use the same.

8. Meta description

There are those who love it and those who don’t, opinions are conflicting but personally I could not do without them and more often than you think it helps to bring visits. Minimum 120 characters, maximum 156, main keyword in it and try to make it so appealing to convince readers to open our blog post.

9. Responsive

It is very important that our website is in a responsive mode, that is visible and clearly readable by all the trillions of technological devices capable of supporting an internet connection. Without this already more than half of possible readers is lost.

10. Public

We share online and keep our fingers crossed. ;)

More tips to write our next blog post in optical SEO? Always think of writing original and quality content. Different from the usual, capable of distinguishing themselves from the enormous mass of speaking blogs of our own subject and always remaining ourselves. We should never sell or sell off for two more clicks. They are not the ones to change our lives and not get sick of numbers.

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