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by fashionsnobber

Marriage is known, it is an event that lends itself well to criticism. Receiving it is very easy especially when you don’t follow a few, but fundamental, basic rules of etiquette and good manners. Nowadays they are seen in all colors. Now everything is allowed and even in these situations guests and spouses lend themselves to bring out the worst in themselves if they are convinced to do the opposite. Let’s see together how to avoid as much as possible being remembered in the wrong way during our most beautiful day by following these 10 rules to have a perfect wedding.

10 tips for a perfect wedding

1. Perfect wedding invitations

The wedding invitations must be sent by the spouses at least 3 months before the event. Those who receive them are obliged to respond and have time up to a month before the ceremony. In the event that you cannot be present, it is a good idea to have the couple deliver a bouquet of flowers with congratulations.

2. Duties of the guest and his look

Whoever is invited to a ceremony or to any other public or private act should never behave in such a way as to overshadow who, instead, of that ceremony is the protagonist. At a perfect wedding you should avoid white clothes, totally black clothes, too sexy or provocative clothes (with transparencies, elaborate laces, unsolicited nudities etc.), too gaudy or elaborate clothes and showy jewels. Men should not wear the tight unless the groom and his closest relatives wear it. Also to avoid the broken, jackets and ties with too bold colors and sports or casual clothing is absolutely banned.

3. Gifts and wedding list

As for wedding gifts, the operation is very simple. Those who receive the invitation are required to make a gift of the same price value paid for their mise en place.

Example: if the spouses have spent 130 euros per person for catering, the gift must be at least the amount spent per person.

The discourse changes for the witnesses. They are responsible for making a gift of greater importance. Guests would do well to use the list to orient themselves in purchasing the gift without going on their own initiative, risking duplication or something that is not appreciated. Gift off the list is still allowed, but extremely risky. Lately given the increasingly widespread cohabitation it is very popular to make the wedding list in a travel agency to contribute to the honeymoon itself. Even on this choice, it must be said that it is not exactly the best because for many people, not giving something concrete that remains beyond the memory is a sign of little interest in those who make the gift. But do not worry, it is a thought that no one will ever tell you, it will only turn behind you, so do as you think.

4. Duties of the Bride

The bride has to think about invitations, invitations and wedding thanks. Her wedding dress and that of the bridesmaids. The floral decoration, the favors and the reception. Accommodation for guests who come from outside, the photographer, the means of transport for newlyweds and guests. Finally the bedroom furniture and the kit.

5. Duties of the groom

The duties of the groom are decidedly less but perhaps more expensive. Home and its decor, wedding rings, bouquets and honeymoon.

For points 4 and 5 it is obviously common sense that must get the better of the form. If the groom’s guests are larger than the bride’s guests, it would be correct for the former’s family to contribute to the expenses. As for the purchase of the home, it is equally evident that we are faced with decisions that transcend bon ton issues.

6. Look of the bride

Wedding dress for a perfect wedding.

As far as clothing is concerned, it does not take Einstein to understand that the bride is the central figure of the wedding. The wedding dress and underwear for a perfect church wedding can be white, ivory, ecru or cream (white let’s remember that it would have a very precise meaning now almost totally extinct, so take respect to the religion of our country and if you get married in church not virgins avoid it). For shared weddings it would be better to avoid these colors and the veil instead. Given its importance, the bride has obligations to be respected, such as avoiding too long aftermath, which belong only to princesses and noblewomen. Necklines and transparencies. Shoulders uncovered both during the ceremony and at the reception, demanding jewels, too high heels, make-up and heavy hairstyles.
The bouquet is very important and should preferably be round with roses, peonies, daisies and the like. Always impressive. Avoid the purse shape and flowers of doubtful phallic meaning such as calla lilies. In short, stick to the rule of sobriety.

Wedding bouquet.

7. Look groom

The groom, less protagonist than the bride, must have an elegance equal to going almost unnoticed. The ideal is a dark gray or concrete suit with a white shirt. Solid color cufflinks and tie with classic knot without trendy and shiny knots set in the center. If desired, the color of the tie can be combined with the color of the bride’s bouquet or a particular of the dress. In addition, the translucent, pinstriped fabrics and embroidered shirts are in very bad taste, perfectly rendering the “dance hall singer” effect as they say. The tuxedo, I would like to be clear, is NOT a wedding dress, but an extremely elegant evening or red carpet.

8. Perfect wedding ceremony

During the ceremony for a perfect wedding it is good to turn off the cell phones, not to distract yourself to talk with the sitting neighbors, do not cackle and pay attention in respect of the two newlyweds and their most beautiful day. No jokes in a sacred place if it is celebrated in church and when leaving the spouses, avoid freeing any type of animal. They are living beings and not toys that can be used to make a scene.

9. Perfect wedding reception

Tableau Marriage matrimonio.

For the reception of a perfect wedding, the seats at the table must always be well defined thanks to the tableau marriage. Wedding receptions in which there are no seats are never appreciated. They create confusion, embarrassment and do not put guests at ease. Yes at the buffet but not for all courses. First and second courses are a good thing they are served at the table. For the wedding cake there is no limit to inventiveness and originality but a parenthesis should be opened regarding the figurines resting on the top. Please avoid them, they are so cheap as to ruin all the pastry chef’s work. Unwatchable, terrifying and insignificant, better a beautiful real flower.

Wedding cake for a perfect wedding.

Location matrimonio.

10. Photographer

The wedding photographer must not be in the way of the normal ceremony and reception. He must not waste time on the spouses continually asking for poses and any tasteful professional does not make a bride lie down on a sofa on her stomach in a sorrowful Madonna pose. Recently they invited me to look at some wedding photos where I saw some really obscene things. Of course, it is also up to the spouses to have the good sense to understand if the photo is ridiculous or not (I would say that a classy woman does not even let her “sheep” be put on the day of her wedding in front of a photographer). The best photos remain those taken muted, natural, which portray the moment, not those posing static and fake photo book effect with improvised models.

In conclusion, keeping in mind these 10 rules for a perfect wedding, I can only advise and affirm that with naturalness and sobriety you are never wrong.

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