10 small pleasures anti-stress

by fashionsnobber

Each of us has the small pleasures that accord as anti-stress. But what then really stress?
It s’a figure of speech to call our tiredness or try to explain a sense of agitation caused by many different situations that we put before you life?
Commonly called “stress” every cause physical, chemical and psychological capable with its prolonged action, to exercise one organism harmful stimulus, thus causing the reaction.

How to fight stress? That’s when I feel as it were “stressed” I give myself small anti-stress pleasures that help me relax and calm down. Today I thought I’d share them with you on the weekend view. Days in which it is definitely easier to put them into practice. And they are all still free!

10 small yet free anti-stress remedies

1. Listen to the music. Singing and dancing. Stereo ball or headphones in your ears and you give off the dancing or false notes, but who cares, the important thing is to clear your mind and get carried away by the notes as best we believe.

2. Look at the sky. Day or night. Lie down on a lawn or get comfortable in front of a window provided with the nose. Try to give a shape to the clouds chasing each other or try to count all the stars. Thus, free-mind.

3. Observe a sunset over the sea. Admire the beauty of its warm colors lulled by the sound of the waves. And yes, maybe even try to see that one moment where you say, on the sea, during the arrival of dusk, a green line appears on the horizon.

4. Read a book. Which is always good, in every sense.

5. Take a warm bath. Strictly candlelight I recommend and relax totally.

6. Fill a blank page. A notebook or diary. Without having to write something concrete. Simply let go of the hand free to write whatever thoughts bring to mind.

7. Have a coffee with her friends. Or a herbal tea, a tea, a drink in the company of someone who makes you glad to see and with whom you feel good. I’m talking about FRIENDSHIP no knowledge, there is her big difference.

8. A walk. For the campaign, the city streets but also on a treadmill in the house is fine. Just walk in peace.

9. Sports. You download, it keeps you fit and physical activity is always an excellent remedy for stress.

10. Smile and give a smile. I will never cease to say but for me it is the most simple movement of the world can make us feel better especially when cheers even another person.

Music as an anti-stress.

Guardare il cielo come antistress.

A sunset as anti-stress.

 Combattere lo stress con un bagno caldo.

 Riempire una pagina bianca come anti-stress.

Smile is anti-stress.Flowers as anti-stress.

Basically me relax the little things, those that are not always able to do in an already busy life and full of commitments that absorbs us constantly. These are the typical times to be cut out for themselves.
And you instead?
What are your anti-stress small pleasures? :*

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