10 Top & Flop from fashion show spring summer 2016

by fashionsnobber

We are at the beginning of the Milan fashion week full of autumn winter 2016/17, but still has to officially begin our spring summer 2016. As you know I like my blog is constant talking of the current season or the incoming to prevent you messing passing suddenly from a tendency to present a future too.
Spring is coming and having seen to the right and left proposals of our favorite brand is now time to draw my usual selection of 10 Top and Flop from the spring summer 2016 fashion shows as you had already seen in past fall winter 2015/16 and spring summer 2015.

As always I speak from my personal dwelling on the usability of the collection to a more or less normal woman, I do not put some doubt on the professionalism, originality and talent of any stylist because we talk about high fashion and brand are all there We would love to have in our closets but sometimes exaggerate, and it must be said.

10 Top & Flop from fashion show spring summer 2016 according Fashion Snobber


10 Top dalle sfilate primavera estate 2016 - Top 10 from the spring summer 2016 fashion shows.

1. Ralph Lauren. Granted, I know, you know how I love him, but we are objective, this collection is the end of the world and there would not wear look.
2. Michael Kors. How do you fail to look with tone on tone flowers midi skirts, white shirt and sandals? I’d spend the whole season so beautiful dressed and never change.
3. Blumarine. Each of his dress is always a dream, light, feminine and chic as usual by a perfect brand for an incurable romantic.
4. Mila Schön. Impeccable every tailoring and its complete make perfect every woman for every occasion. pure perfection.
5. Ermanno Scervino. A giant of elegance and good taste could not disappoint. Look classy with basic items made unique by new shades and fabrics.
6. Moschino. And ‘well, you know, no one like him and his being always out of line and, why not, extravagant, still managed to pull off something I would wear easily. Yes, even with a road sign in the head.
7. Fendi. I fell in love right away the peculiarities of the sleeves in various models. An interesting collection and wear them several articles then enough for me to say it.
8. Dolce & Gabbana. With their patriotism they have definitely bought me. Beautiful collection, colorful, cheerful and full of values. Promoted with flying colors.
9. Giorgio Armani. Complete the timeless colors, always chic and class made original by processing certain tissues. Dear Armani, you made the center. I want everything.
10. Trussardi. A collection a bit ‘bohemian if we so either like or dislike. For me it is, to me and convinced her soft, some complete with overlapping games found them fabulous.


10 Flop dalle sfilate primavera estate 2016 - Flop 10 from the spring summer 2016 fashion shows.

1. Louis Vuitton. Total flop. A disappointment that has persisted for two collections. The worst by far this season and I’m wondering what the heck has injected into a vein Nicolas Ghesquière because of hallucinations has produced a go go.
2. Iceberg. Even H&M has been able to do better. And I said it all.
3. Marni. Explain such a dress what should represent me and especially where I could use it because not even a joke makes me be born spontaneously. My brain refuses to cooperate. I do not know, beer caps used to get drunk before you wear it?
4. MSGM. That’s where it was over my carpet ripped eaten by the dog! And tell me, but what the heck! It was her security blanket.
5. Prada. Not I can do it, the “mixture” exaggerated and above all forced I do not want to pleasure. Except for some bunny seen emerge here and there. Maybe.
6. Vivetta. The two swan heads also will form a heart but I can think of only the Dying Swan. Lady Gaga thanks. Quiet, someone will like.
7. Missoni. Just. I’m sick of lines, stripes and geometries. We understand that is your style but something new beyond that imagination and complete by nonexistent forms do you have? Aged also the models, come on!
8. Chanel. And here open up the sky. I know it’s Chanel. I know, I dream even his articles virtually every night but always objectively speaking, although the show was original and spectacular collection was perfect for the ‘winter you do not believe? And then some complete, the slippers… it means immettibili. This suit then also ingoffa Modeling think of it over us mere mortals. With the heart in a tight bud bitten one of my favorite songs. Not crocifiggetemi.
9. Alberta Ferretti. Workmanship and materials of unparalleled always dresses but overall a boring collection, gloomy, sad and with few colors. Summer Spring we speak there we forgotten? A bit ‘of phosphorus and spends all.
10. Gucci. Here, too, they will start several insults but, bud Gucci once again. Do not get me wrong, I recognize the high couture, impeccable fabrics but if half of the collection makes me think, “but I figured if I would wear!” for me it is not. At times I thought it was Prada. Say no more.

This is my humble opinion in volervi mention mettibile fashion seriously extrapolating from fashion shows spring summer 2016. And you? Which collection you loved most and the least?

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