Answer and answer: the 100 truths to know each other

by fashionsnobber

For some time this kind of chain has been circulating on Facebook about our 100 truths in the form of status. Resumed, I think, by some post now lost in the air. Honestly, I find it a nice and fun idea that pushes us to get to know a little more about our little habits and life stories. For some it will also be trivial questions and answers but I liked it and therefore I thought of sharing it in the blog. So to tell you 100 more things about me. A light post with low intellectual content that is sometimes needed. Lightness is always good.

100 truths of a Fashion Snobber

Le 100 verità di Fashion Snobber.

01. Last thing you drank: Coffee.
02. Last call: Elisabetta of Se lo dice Coco blog.
03. Last Post: Francesca of La Civetta Stilosa blog.
04. Last song you listened to: The Sailor Moon theme song.
05. Last time you cried: Yesterday, but I always cry over nothing.
06. Have you ever attended two people at once? Yes, but one had not realized it was over. Indeed, never initiated.
07. Have you ever been betrayed? Not that I know.
08. Have you ever kissed someone and then you regret? Likely, I always regret everything. Ahahahahaha!
09. Lost someone special? Yes.
10. Have you ever been depressed? No, my life is too beautiful.
11. Have you ever got drunk and threw up? Yes, but it happens to be young.

Truths of the three favorite colors:

12. Blue in all its shades.
13. Gray.
14. Black because a darker color have not yet invented.

Truths about this year:

15. Without new knowledge? Yes.
16. I stopped loving someone? No.
17. Mandate someone to hell? Whoever speaks to me just wake up and before I had coffee.
18. Gentile with someone you did not know? I am by nature and education.
19. Rice until you cried? Almost always.
20. Met someone who changed your life? I would say no, life changing me alone.
21. Understand who your real friends? What I know always, the rest only knowledge and appearances that come and go.
22. Caught someone was gossiping about you? Yes! But defamation is a crime and having gathered the necessary evidence sparleranno to the proper authorities. Dear you, jerk no, very bitchy when I know to be right.
23. Kissed a friend on the mouth? Yes, of both sexes. Bets are won. ;)
24. How many people on your Facebook friends know in real life? The majority, those who do not know personally or have we got to do in the private is a list that I obscure them home and makes him see only what I want.
25. Are you honest? I know too much.
26. Do you have pets? Yes, I could not live without.
27. Would you change your name? No, I love him.
28. How did you celebrate your last birthday? I do not celebrate birthdays.
29. At what time you woke up this morning? At 7:00 am.
30. What were you doing at midnight last night? I was sleeping.
31. What is the thing for which you can not wait? Christmas Day.
32. Last time you saw your father? Yesterday morning.
33. What is the one thing you wish you could change about your life? Absolutely nothing, I’m happy.
34. What are you listening to right now? The birds singing outside the window. The campaign is a tranquilizer.
35. What gives you on your nerves right now? Things ever. The lies, deceit, opportunism and self-centeredness.
36. The most visited web page? Twitter, the other company may close for me.
37. What is your real name? Luna Andrea.
38. Nicknames? Lu, Countess and Snobber.
39. Are you engaged? Married.
40. Zodiac sign? Virgo ascendant Sagittarius. We want to talk? The worst of the worst.
41. Man woman or transsexual? All, I have a nice masculine side accentuated and transgender voice.
42. Primary Schools? San Guido. Now no longer exist.
43. Medium? E. Malenotti.
44. Superiors? Art School of Architecture with address A. Gemelli.
45. Hair color? Brown tending to the brown rat.
46. Long or short? Medium?
47. Height? 1.70.
48. You have a crush on someone? For coffee.
49. What do you like about yourself? Not having filters, irony, do not send them to say and the healthy dose of indifference that’s enough to make me give weight to things and people.
50. Piercings? Yes, nose.
51. Tattoos? Yes, back.
52. Are you right or left? Right, the true communists then no longer exist. They pretend such but they make a good life with daddy’s money and grandparents. In the Tuscan village where I live it works well.

The first times:

53. First surgery? An abortion.
54. First piercing? 20 years.
55. First best friend? Luna Andrea, that question!
56. First sport you joined? Riding.
57. First pet? A mestizo Small taken in a kennel.
58. First vacation? Sardinia.
59. First concert? Ligabue.
60. First crush? Mark Lenders of Holly and Benji. What can you do, I like assholes.

In this moment:

61. Are you eating? Nooo, I’m on a diet, maybe I could get a nice sandwich!
62. Are you drinking? Yes, coffee.
63. You’re about to? Send everyone to hell in 100 truths. ;P
64. Are you waiting for? The cleaning lady.
65. Where would you be? The sea, in my beautiful part of private beach and on the other hand even today there is bad weather. :(

The future:

66. Do you want children? Never again and never then, I have one that is more than enough.
67. Want to get married? Already I have done and I do not think I’d do if I were divorced. It ‘just a contract after all.
68. The career you have in mind? No, I’m fine as I am.

What is better:

69. Lips or eyes? Eyes that make noise.
70. Hugs or kisses? Hugs breathtaking.
71. High or low? Height mid beauty. Do not you say so?
72. Younger or older? Just get the brain and know how to use.
73. Romantic or spontaneous? Spontaneous, romance is dead.
74. Nice stomach or nice arms? The belly to hide the arms die in summer.
75. Sensitive or exuberant? Both.
76. teaser or undecided? Provocative.
77. Restricted or intrusive? I reserved, listening to everyone but I talk to few.

Have never:

78. Kissed a person you did not know? Yes.
79. Drank hard liquor? Yes.
80. Lost glasses or contact lenses? Yes.
81. Done sex on the first date? No, at least one third.
82. Broken someone’s heart? Yes.
83. Had your heart broken? Yes.
84. Have you ever been drunk? Yes.
85. Have you ever been arrested? Not that I know.
86. Thrown someone down? From where?
87. Crying for the death of someone? Yes, for too many.
88. Had a crush on your friend? No.

Truth you believe in:

89. In yourself? No.
90. In Miracles? But please!
91. Love at first sight? Yes.
92. In Paradise? Neither.
93. Santa Claus? Not anymore.
94. In Karma? It happens.
95. The kiss on the first date? Yes.
96. In the angels? No.

Most sincere truth:

97. Is there one person you want to be with right? Yes.
98. Have you had more than one guy at a time? Yes, but as I replied to question No 06 one he had not realized that we were not together.
99. Have you ever told someone that you loved him, and was not it? No.
100. You will call this post the 100 truths? Done!

And here I am, naked and raw with my little 100 truths. Now, if you want, it’s up to you. ;)

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Sophia I. 19.06.2016 - 21:23 Reply
Anouk 18.06.2016 - 12:24

Very interesting to learn more about you. Thanks for your openness.



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