12 ways to wear a square blanket scarf

by fashionsnobber

The square blanket scarf has reconfirmed as essential fashion trend for the cold season. It’s an accessory passe par tout comfortable and practical that keeps the heat away from safe sore throat, cough and cold. Nevertheless, the oversized scarves have become less boring than it is commonly thought thanks to the many ways we can wear them.

12 ways to wear a square blanket scarf

We must remember that the blanket scarf covered in wool or cashmere, are a purely casual accessory. So they are great for an everyday outfit. Below I have outlined the main 12 ways to wear a square blanket scarf, starting from the fold it in half to form a triangle.

1. Classic drape

 Maxi sciarpa indossata in stile classico - The Classic Drape blanket scarf.

Just lay it on his shoulders and wear it as a shawl. Surely it is always the most chic way to stay warm.

2. Style Epiphany

Maxi sciarpa in stile befana.

I know the name says it all but personally I often adopt this way of wearing it especially when my hands are busy and do not want to take the chance that I slip into the ground. And ‘the classic style shawl tied at the front with a loose knot.

3. The waterfall

 Maxi sciarpa stile a cascata - The waterfall scarf style.

In this case it is worn with the lateral cascade effect but can also be done on the front of shortening the free tip of the scarf by rolling it on itself. Just to make the scarf one or two laps around the neck and stop one of the two wedging flaps in the collar.

4. The toss

Maxi sciarpa in stile gettata - The toss scarf style.

Fold the scarf on itself many times as necessary to vacate little triangular tip. Lay it on his shoulders and throw one of the two edges behind.

5. Modern one loop

Maxi sciarpa nodo in stile moderno- The modern one loop blanket scarf.

It’s certainly one that it is the most popular among the fashion victims. Fold the scarf on itself many times as necessary to keep out a bit ‘of triangular tip. To make the scarf once around your neck and drop the flaps on the front.

6. Basic loop

Maxi sciarpa nodo base - The basic loop style blanket scarf.

It’s one of the modern variant. Same procedure except that then you have to pass a single flap inside the collar. It seems to be a favorite with celebrity.

7. Bunny ear

Maxi sciarpa nodo a orecchie di coniglio - The bunny ear style blanket scarf.

Some say it is only suitable for light scarves but it is not so. Fold the scarf in order to create a long sausage and even freeing up a bit ‘of triangular tip. Two rounds of scarf, bring flaps front and knot them.

8. The infinity loop

Maxi sciarpa nodo infinito - The infinity loop style blanket scarf.

In practice creates the effect of those soft scarves closed collar. Convenient because you do not run the risk of losing position or fall. Fold the scarf on itself so as to create a long sausage and even freeing up a bit ‘of triangular tip. Roll it around his neck as often as necessary, paying attention to leave it soft and finally tie the flaps at the rear with a knot. An alternative is to lay it on the shoulders, do immediately the node at the ends and then make them do one or more turns depending on the length around the neck.

9. European loop

Maxi sciarpa nodo europeo - The european loop style blanket scarf.

Fold the scarf on itself so as to create a sausage long and uniform to eliminate the triangular tip. Fold it in two, lay it on the shoulders putting a hand inside the ring that is formed by bending it and take the two flaps of the scarf by passing them inside. Pulling up to the desired size.

10. The Turtleneck

Maxi sciarpa nodo a dolcevita - The Turtleneck style blanket scarf.

Fold the scarf on itself as many times as necessary to remove the triangular tip. Then roll it up all around the neck and hide the pieces fit flaps behind the inside of the turtlenecks created.

11. Classic drape and belt

Maxi sciarpa stile classico con cintura - Blanket scarf classic style with belt.

Super fashion. Wear a shawl in the classical style and stop it at the waist with a belt. Suitable for those who are fairly lean and high because it tends to gain weight.

12. Top or dress

Maxi sciarpa a top o vestito - Blanket scarf top or dress.

If a body or a tight T-shirt and a pair of jeans you feel terribly boring you might think to wear on both a maxi scarf in the same manner in which you wear a sarong or a towel. Depending on the size of the scarf can become a top or a dress to be enriched with a belt. Even in this case it is obviously recommendable for minute women and not with so much breast.

Finally I leave you my tutorial on how to tie a scarf classic and fine. Personally node is the fashion that I love most.

Tutorial come annodare una sciarpa in modo fashion - Tutorial how to tie a scarf so fashion.

And you? Which way you prefer to wear a blanket scarf? They used different from my let me in the comments how you do it for me so I try also.

12 modi di indossare una maxi sciarpa - 12 ways to wear a blanket scarf.

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