30 days for our happiness

by fashionsnobber

What is happiness?
In the dictionary is a singular word, women used to represent a positive state of mind caused from having fulfilled all our wishes.
Maybe, but everyone has different connotations and characteristics. There are those who find reaching its intended purpose, those coming to a field goal, one who craves the work, who in the family, making it something purely related to a momentary whim and also who try doing harm to others. And then there are those who simply can not find it in small things and in everyday actions.
Then take a month, 30 and 1 day to pamper our happiness, ourselves and our serenity. Small gestures toward others and toward our person can make us feel better. More and more often we do not do more, more and more often we deny ourselves a pat and do not give. Well, for the next month, every day, we will have the goal of making one of these 30 and 1 points. Once you understand what it takes very little, create a personal list from month to month will be spontaneous.

30 and the first things to do for our happiness

1. Turn off the alarm clock to wake up and let the first rays of sun coming through the window.

2. Take a bath by candlelight while listening to our favorite music.

3. Use the best service, that for special occasions. Every day is important.

4. Turn off your smartphone for at least two hours.

5. Drinking coffee or herbal tea in a china cup. The most beautiful that we have.

6. Make us a gift.

7. Embrace our loved ones.

8. Say thank you.

9. Singing in scuarciagola.

10. Draw.

11. Helping an elderly person, a child, an animal.

12. Visiting a show or go to the theater.

13. Watch a movie in the company.

14. Dancing barefoot in a meadow, at the beach, at home, everywhere, but dance.

15. Apologize. There is definitely someone who we have to say.

16. study more about that topic that interests us.

17. Go out with friends.

18. Finish the book forgotten on the nightstand.

19. Go into the swing.

20. Walking aimlessly.

21. Gather the flowers and put them in a vase.

22. Make a gift to someone for no reason.

23. Read a poem.

24. Turn off the company for a full day.

25. Do not believe the gossip. 9 times out of 10 are false, exaggerated and do not reflect reality.

26. Playing with a child.

27. Giving a second chance.

28. Do one thing for too long has been postponed.

29. Listen to the sounds of nature, rain, wind.

30. Look out the window and let free thoughts.

Finally the most important, what must come out from the heart and characterize all our days. Smiling, always, however, give them away to others and never allow anyone to turn them off. Each of us is fighting a war, everyone deserves to be happy.

Felicità - Happiness.

Ricordati di essere felice - Remember to be happy.

Oggi scelgo la felicità - Today I choose happiness.

Siate felici - Be happy.

Felicità - Happiness.

Scegli la felicità - Choose happening.

Sorridi - Take a smile.

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Fashionably Idu 31.07.2016 - 6:56

I do number 14 a lot, just dancing in my bedroom, sometimes as a form of exercise. Today I tried to not look at my phone for one hour, I only lasted 42 minutes which I thought was pretty good, haha. I also like number 26 cos I get to play with 5year olds a lot at work as their teacher. This is great Luna, love it.



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