Trend Alert: the 5 winter must have

by fashionsnobber

As with every new season that respects fashion women give us different trends. Among all those proposals we must be able to compromise and objectively extrapolate the most fitting ones. Not everyone is worthy of note, and let’s say, some hopefully end soon in the forgotten. But what are the winter must have that is worth having in our wardrobes? In my opinion, I am 5 and all are exploited by any type of woman. Let’s find them together and let’s get the right inspirations from the best street style outfits.

Trend Alert women fashion: the 5 winter must have

1. Oversize shirt

Camicia oversize must have dell'inverno - Oversized shirt must have winter.Of any color and imagination provided oversize and made visible in our outfit. Wear it over the trousers by customizing it as we prefer or creating a superimposed game by slamming it from below sweaters or coats. Sleeves included.

2. Baker boy hat

Cappello baker boy must have dell'inverno - Baker boy hat winter must have.Adapts to every personal style and every kind of look. From casual to bon ton, from jeans to skirts. It is one of those accessories that this year must not be missed in our wardrobes. Find out your favorite model and you will not do it any more.

3. Prince of Galles blazer

Blazer in Principe di Galles must have dell'inverno.The blazer is a must have regardless. I wish you all had at least one of any kind in your wardrobe. If you do not, then you should immediately buy a plain-colored partout. After that, for this winter, give it to fantasy and workmanship in Prince of Galles. It is a super chic boss and even a simple look immediately acquires that extra charm that makes the difference.

4. Oversized padded jacket

Must have dell'inverno, il piumino oversize - Oversize padded jacket winter must have.Personally I do not really love the down jackets as they are the numbers one in the days of the pungent cold. They certainly do not help to deceive the eye making us look leaner. But I liked the idea of emphasizing their “defect” by making it oversize. Wearing rigorously slipped over my shoulders, treating it as if it were a hugging blanket. Trend to handle with care but you can do it.

5. Red boots

Stivali rossi must have dell inverno - Red boots winter must have.

Red boots are surely the coolest winter accessory. High or low goes to personal taste as long as they are red. Please be aware, ankle boots with skirts NO, NO and NO. This model is either a trouser or a long skirt. If you are 2 meters high allowed with a mini. They break the figure and create imbalance proportions to the brutish legs. Remember that not all that you see around is by and large synonymous with good and right. Indeed, most of the time doing the opposite is the best choice. ;)

Now tell me, what is your favorite winter must have?

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Fashion Inspirations” board.

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