The 5 (+ 3 extra) essential outerwear

by fashionsnobber

Yes, even the outerwear have their importance in our beautiful perfect wardrobe. During cold seasons are our business card, keep us warm and protected from temperature changes. While in spring and autumn help us to give a touch more fashion in our outfits. That’s what outerwear models to choose to be always perfect according to the occasion.

The 5 essential outerwear for winter seasons

Long coat

Capispalla indispensabili, il cappotto lungo - Indispensable outerwear, long coat.

Strictly a classic black model and good cut is the basis. But to be even more chic ideal is a long coat with light fabrics and important colors. The belted waist or straighter models are preferred as they help any figure. (Temprley London, Tibi, Max Mara and Sonia Rykiel.)

3/4 coat

Capispalla indispensabili, il cappotto tre quarti - Indispensable outerwear, 3/4 coat.

Less challenging long coat is perfect tweed, velvet and wanting quilted. And ‘the model par excellence that is comfortable to all. Always choose simple and well-cut lines straighter waist or belt. (Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel and Alexander McQueen.)


Capispalla indispensabili, il parka - Indispensable outerwear, parka.

The parka is the perfect day for a much more comfortable look. Color as a military green and beige are the best choice. (Woolrich, Burberry, Canada Goose and Céline.)

Fur coat

Capispalla indispensabili, il pellicciotto - Indispensable outerwear, fur coat.

The fur coat outerwear is that where you do not quench our desire for color or patterned to cheer up gray days. The important thing is that it is strictly echo. (Gucci, Fendi, Stella McCartney and Yves Salomon.)

Down coat

Capispalla indispensabili, il piumino - Indispensable outerwear, down coat.

This kind of outerwear tends to be bound to the mountain. Wrong thing there. In fact there are very feminine and chic models that have nothing to envy to a nice coat. Only care is to avoid too shiny or iridescent quilted fabrics. They make us look like bundled up in a garbage bag and it is not exactly the best. (Jackets, Burberry, Herno and Max Mara.)

3 extra outerwear for all seasons


Capispalla indispensabili, il bomber - Indispensable outerwear, bomber.

The bomber returned into fashion goes to personal taste. There are those who love him and who prefers plain with fastasie and whimsical fabrics. Being a leader who has little utility I would not bind it to basic models but as for the sheepskin coat, get jiggy! (Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci and Paul Smith.)

Biker jacket

Capispalla indispensabili, giacca di pelle - Indispensable outerwear, biker.

The biker jacket is perfect for mid-season. In my opinion the first purchase of this head must predict it exclusively black as tradition. Only then you can opt for other colors. Being an article already full of details such as zippers, belts and various buttons of metal would avoid further deepen with decorations or fancy fabrics. In this case remain the basic is crucial. (Acne Studios, Alexander McQueen, Tod’s and Iro.)


Capispalla indispensabili, il trench - Indispensable outerwear, trench coat.

The trench coat from that extra touch of glamor to everything you wear. The ideal is a three-quarter beige or cream as the classic Burberry to speak. Not bad also a pearl gray or wanting esuberare a beautiful red. But it often takes real class neutral, keep this in mind the next shopping trip. (Burberry, Balenciaga, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent.)

And your favorite outerwear? You have them all or you are missing some article? I zero bomber, bikers and parkas. I know, very bad, but still have not found those that reflect me full. In return I trench coats and as there was no tomorrow.

Credits: Set made by Polyvore.

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