5 rules for a successful link building

by fashionsnobber

The link building for a blog and therefore for a blogger it is very important. It allows not only to be known on the network, with the possibility of sourcing new visits, but also to help the indexing of your web space on search engines. Such as Google. But let’s get specific and try to figure it out.

What is link building

The link building, as well specific Wikipedia, is simply a SEO technique that increases the number of inbound links to a website. In practice it serves to increase the popularity of the site or blog in question. Of course, not all links are good, and not all are favorable to bring these benefits. We must pay close attention and understand what quality ones rather than those who report to poor web sites. Speaking of blogs, the easier and definitely the best way, is to comment and make comment. Everything seems pretty easy, if it were not that many people underestimate the power of a simple comment.

Why comment on other blogs

When you leave a comment in addition to making the healthy link building declared to have an online presence. Very often linked to your website or more probably to one of your blog. Also more your comment will be appropriate and relevant to the article commented most other readers and commentators may be inclined to visit your web space. Since in these years I have noticed how shortages of good link building to level of comments I thought I’d summarize in five points the fundamental rules to ensure that your comments are no longer a run who reads them. Or in some cases even losing readers.

5 rules for a perfect link building

1. First make sure your comment is relevant to the post and not just a way to make petty advertising.
2. Courtesy, manners and always with respect. Even when you disagree. One criticism is always welcome provided it is done with full knowledge and without gratuitous insults. Two words of compliments at random and then immediately something like “go read my post again…” maybe not. Everybody knows that you are there to collect visits do not need to stress.
3. Do not reiterate too concepts already included in the post. The comment must be added through opinions, recommendations or findings a personal point of view or another experience to confront.
4. Always insert the link of your home page or the last item at the bottom of the comments. Just that. Also add your company makes you only end up in spam. Who is curious is on the site, then from there, if anything adds to the company.
5. To counter a comment only when it arrives is counterproductive. In the long run proved unpopular and with a huge ego who never falls from the pedestal. Ergo, you lose readers. Go to first on a blog is not a crime.

I hope this post has been helpful and maybe can make it clear to some of you what three words are always the same and extremely useless like “Nice post!” or “I agree!” or even worse than where we talk about bags “Nice shoes!” do not bring nothing but loss of potential new readers. And who returns to education is rewarded in kind not reading your article. In fact it remains a waste of time and does not help to promote your work. Personally I am more blogs that I stopped visiting after the lack of respect in commentarmi without reading a line and passing only when steps you than anything else. Then of course, everyone is free to do and think what they like but the good personal marketing you do so too. ;)

How to make a perfect link building.

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