5 tips on how to make flat lay photos at home

by fashionsnobber

Often I write to me privately wondering how do I make flat lay photos that I use for both the blog both social. Just as often I was told not to reveal it because then everyone would learn. But I think a blog is born from the desire to share what we know and do not see why deny you what little I have learned over the years.

5 tips to make good flat lay photos at home

I’m not an expert photographer and, for example, lights, exposure, aperture or shutter closure does not know anything. However, in my small way I created the “tricks”, let’s call them, with which I can get pretty much what I want. I only ask you not to laugh when you discover something I invented. Everyone does with what he can.

1. Light

La luce giusta per foto still life in casa - The right light for still life photos at home.

First I learned that there is no better light than the natural one. The ideal days are cloudy because they create a few shadows and light is more neutral. As council schedule that runs from mid-morning to early afternoon, not after. Having said that you have to position yourself in front of a window of their home.

2. Background

Come fare belle foto still life in casa - how to make still life photos at home.

Statistics say that the flat lay photos on white background and bright light are the ones you love the most not only from the viewer but also by the person who want to enhance the photo. Chance would have it from my closet has remained in surplus a white shelf, and every time I use it as background positioning it on the inside window sill. Obviously those who have not a windowsill can approach a white table or any media considers suitable for the flat lay photos he wants to do.

3. Positioning of the subject

Come fare belle foto still life in casa - how to make still life photos at home.

At this point you take the object or objects that we need for the photos and we place them on our background. To make this example I took the first things on hand. The keyboard of the Mac, a pair of eyeglasses, a pen and two Moleskine pink.

4. The snap

Come fare belle foto still life in casa - how to make still life photos at home.

Personally I never limit myself to take a provision of the subjects and just. I try several variants because in any case with the naked eye we see something, the lens and picture taken is said to convince us first. so I recommend to always try different compositions and also different shooting angles. In this case I chose the last shot in the lower right.

5. Post production

Being very fussy happen to me is very rare that a picture you find the perfect original shot. So I resort to post production in two variants depending on the shooting device.

Post production on Smartphone

In the case where the photo was taken with the smartphone using the Afterlight application. They select the photo you want to edit, the cut in the format that I consider most appropriate and then change the values ​​only and exclusively of brightness, contrast, and in the case temperature. Once you have a convincing result the exception and is ready for use.

Post production of computer

If the photo was taken with a digital Canon amount on the PC and use Photoshop.
From the top menu go to Image, then Settings, and finally Curves. It opens a square window in which I move the oblique line at the point where the preview image reaches the light that I prefer. Click on “OK” and go on.
Return of Image, but I go to Settings and finally Brightness/Contrast. Is a rectangular window, and usually I just bring the brightness around the value 10 and 20. Again the contrast around the “OK“, save the picture and stop. Ready to be used.

Below you can see the difference between the original photo and the one with the post production of Photoshop. But the photo was taken with the smartphone.

Come fare belle foto still life in casa - how to make still life photos at home.

I’m sorry I do not know anything more than we have been very professional in this tutorial but I hope I can be helpful to improve your next flat lay photos.

Ps. I want to clarify that of course I talked about flat lay photo. In case you have need to make them horizontally to the subjects we can help with a sheet or a white card to be placed as a vertical background.

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