5 Top & Flop by fashion trends of the last times

by fashionsnobber

Every generation has its style, its taste and yes, even its moment. Each period has its fashion trends and each season has its seasonal colors and trends. But what are the best and worst fashion trends of recent times? Which ones deserve to be followed and which would be better to avoid or know how to wear with caution? Let’s find out together.

5 Top & Flop from fashion trends in recent years


Chemisier dress

Chemisier street style outfit.

The chemisier dress is among those fashion trends that deserve to be remembered, also used in the coming seasons and never forgotten in the wardrobe. Whether long, short, fancy or denim always looks good, it’s good for everyone and it’s easy to give it that extra touch by indulging in accessories.


Fringes street style outfit.

I don’t know how much they will stay in the trend because they generally tend to come and go not really enjoying everyone. To me, a lot, and known how to combine create different looks from the usual noteworthy. For those who don’t like to dare, just wear the fringes integrated into any accessory.


Jumpsuit street style outfit.

Long, short, with or without sleeves, fancy or monochrome it doesn’t matter, the suit is always one of the most chic and classy fashion trends. Of course, it doesn’t look good at all and we need the right ease but the ideal model is always there. Yes, and yes, never stop wearing them. Question pee? Well, there’s a reason why two women always go in the bathroom, don’t they? ;)


Kimoni street style outfit.

In countless variants, versatile and adaptable to any look. Simple and easy to use, kimonos have the ability to enrich and enhance the most banal outfit. Also for this trend my opinion is positive, I would not like to see them disappear within a couple of years although it is very probable.


Salopette street style outfit.

Also for overalls it is a repechage that comes and goes over the years. There are those who totally hate them and those who hate them. They are not easy to wear if not to paint the house but with the right care and the good dose of inspiration from street style they become an indispensable item for when you want something different from the classic jeans.


Slippers Shoes

Slippers street style fashion trends.

I hope with all my heart this fashion trend disappears from the face of the earth as soon as possible. I can’t understand how you can put slippers under a nice coat and black pants to go out. Perfect for staying at home by the sea, God forbid, I also have them but never, ever, I had the courage to go out. Tell me about everything but giving class to a look is not really possible.

Crop Top

Crop Top street style fashion trends.

Here comes my old school based on principles of education and bon ton. Ok to go to the beach and in some special cases but only if your belly is non-existent and you have the turtle. Basically the crop top is not considered a classy and good taste item. To take into account the age. On a twenty-year-old so much but on a lady in my opinion I’m not exactly the best. Among the fashion trends of the last few years it would be better to disappear quickly but, on the contrary, I’m afraid it will persevere a little longer.

Flat with platform

Flat platform shoes street style fashion trends.

Why shouldn’t we do without platform shoes? The naked eye can immediately see how they become vulgar and weigh down every figure. Perfect to look squat, heavy, less graceful and let’s face it, they are ugly, so ugly. Let’s not forget that “tastes are many but good taste is only one“.

Nose ring

Earrings nose fashion trends.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of girls with this cow nose-earring thing. If they had done “Muuu! Muuu!”I would not have even been impressed by that, but I would have brought them back to the enclosure from which they escaped. I have a nose piercing, I like them and I am not against it but to exaggerated exaggeration yes. The too much always and in any case.


Shorts street style outfit fashion trends.

Don’t get me wrong, I also have shorts and I use them. However, as in everything, we need the right proportion. In the sense, for the sea it is, to go around the city if they do not cover the bottom well and come down on the thigh at least a 5 cm even no, even less. It is a question of education and respect for others. We avoid like the plague the half seat outside and if we discover so much the legs let us keep sober on the upper part. Yes to decent lengths and no overflows out of every logic. I would not like to make a speech about sizes and sizes, but we must also be objective and understand that with a leg full of cellulite, disproportionate and very plump it would be good to not wear them. Everything is allowed but with knowledge of the facts and attention to the effect.

That said, even for today I have finished telling you mine with my very boring judgment meters. Now it’s up to you, what do you save and what have you rejected of the fashion trends of recent times?

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Kelsey&Kenecha 10.09.2015 - 20:55

Such beautiful styles!


Ashley 10.09.2015 - 15:51

Great summer trend rundown, lady! LOVE that fringe made such a huge splash!


junebiswas 10.09.2015 - 0:11

OMG i so agree with you! Fringe and kimono for sure. but god crop tops and shorts!! definitely agree. I wear crop tops on thin days but if someone is a little pudgy on the tummy it is not flattering at all. same with shorts. i have really fat thighs so cant dare to wear tiny shorts or tight ones for that matter. so i salute this post and totally feel what u say!!
June Wants It All – Indian fashion and lifestyle blog

Bad Taste Toast 09.09.2015 - 14:43

Haha slippers have always been a flop in my opinion! :D
But I absolutely love the kimonos! :)

Bad Taste Toast – A German/Australian Style Blog


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