A blank page is a hidden poetry

by fashionsnobber

…”A blank page is a hidden poetry“…

Pagina bianca - White page.

A blank page to read and see what you want

That’s right, today I want to say nothing, talk about anything, and so I leave you with a blank page that can tell you what you want.
Use your imagination, fantasy or simply follow your mood interpreting my every shot total white as you like, maybe as a cue to leave and, with this post I will not transmit anything of mine but I want him your face, your personality and your desire to say anything to me or to the world.
Let yourself be carried away by the more neutral color of all, its purity and clarity to tell me what you see, and why not, what would you read us, or what would you write in front of a completely empty white page at your disposal. Here, now, at this very moment. It clears the mind and at the outset, in front of this white paper what would you write or what are we reading?
Maybe some advice, maybe a rash or an unsolved problem, a personal story that can touch your heart, or more likely to do before you will see a simple greeting. Take a moment, however, does not always run.
Today are your thoughts and your life to be important to me.
Today I will be your backdrop hidden inside the white.
Tell me about yourself, what’s on your mind, even the weather is fine, but fill that little page and make it unique with your words that remain imprinted as a beautiful memory. A memory from which to draw in those gloomy days where you just want to read someone else to feel less alone in this chaotic and hectic world that often makes us just away from each other.
Today goes well, I leave the pen, or rather, I should say the keys to you. You are master of my space and you can say whatever you want. Well, do it without hesitation, do not miss the opportunity. You can also insult me if you like, I’m not offended, I promise! ;)
N.B. Each comment will fill a blank page of the book seen in pictures and transcribe personally so if I have to use a particular color or add a little drawing let me present and will be done. Also the comments will have impressed me most can expect photographed and added on my Facebook page in a special album with the annexed claims.

Pagina bianca - White page.

Details total white, Apple Watch and sunglasses Valentino.

Home design details in total white.

White mini bag Ralph Lauren.

White sneakers Superga.

Una pagina bianca è una poesia nascosta - A blank page is a hidden poetry.

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