A head-on with the right hat

by fashionsnobber

Hat or cap. Accessory of clothing for your head to be used as shelter from rain, sun, and cold. Or just to hide a little neat hair. Someone also to have an aura of mystery more around him or to hide and take shelter from the outside world. A little as sunglasses in fact.
In the fifties it was a sign of a person cured. As well as wearing gloves and for men also tie. Since the sixties has become a real trend and fashion accessory capable of revolutionizing an entire look.
Consisting of a visor also called strained or flap and by a dome or crown. By now she knows no limits of sizes, shapes, lines, colors and fabrics. To the many hats worn by Queen English not come to mind. A succession of originality in its pure state and in this area make history.
Ready to satisfy every personality and every type of face hats enrich our wardrobe helping to highlight and convey our style.

Walking head-on with the right hat can

In the field of education and etiquette hats have few but essential rules to not forget or underestimate.
Do not they ever wear indoors it nor at the table. Unless they are not formal occasions such as special ceremonies. They take off when you get in the shops, you go to the movies, to the restaurant, have a coffee in a bar, someone’s home, and so on. In substance should always be removed, is the basis of education.
For men the same rules are equivalent to adding to motion to take it off when outdoors greets a woman.
Not all models are good to everyone, that is true, but the perfect one exists. You just have the patience to look different by testing. One more advice? Put them to the test with uncombed hair, if you look good so let alone when they will be in the fold.
Personally I love a bit ‘all existing lines. From those baseball to the fedora, the bowler hat to cowboys, from panama to the pillbox, cloche from the basque, beret most wanted the simple peak. There are not that contempt but I have a particular mania for listings in your ears. If I see a hat with two protrusions reminiscent of the animal by the ears can not resist, it must be mine.
Finally, for some, the hat is a craze, for others almost a torture and in addition to not feel at ease are certain does not donate. And you? What hat are you and where do you stand?

Tutti i modelli di cappello - Hat vocabulary.

Dizionario del cappello - Hat dictionary.

Tipo di cappello.

Fashion Snobber hat with hearts.

Fashion Snobber hat with cat ears.

Fashion Snobber cappello di paglia.

Fashion Snobber hat with pom poms.

Fashion Snobber black hat.

Fashion Snobber hat visor.

Fashion Snobber black baseball hat.

Fashion Snobber brown hat.

Credits: images infographics and collages found at Pinterest.com.

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