Abiby and the new Mermaid vibes beauty box

by fashionsnobber

Which woman does not love taking care of herself and her beauty, cuddling herself with a themed gift at least once a month? We are honest, none. What if this gift made us feel like sirens? Even better, no? Here, Abiby and their new Mermaid Vibes beauty box does all this.

Abiby takes care of our beauty with its fantastic monthly beauty boxes

Abiby beauty box mermaid vibes.
The Abiby beauty boxes, which are pronounced “Abibi” and not “Abibai” as the English rule would like, are born to rediscover love, not only for themselves, but also for the health and beauty of their body. Every woman can receive every month six new products selected from exclusive and international brands, thus remaining always updated on the latest beauty news. Convenience, selection of quality products, packaging, satisfied or reimbursed and surprise effect are the strengths of these boxes inboxed entirely by hand. How to receive or give them? Nothing could be simpler. You can book your beauty box directly online wherever we are by signing one of the two available subscriptions. The monthly one at €29.90 a month or the six month one, with a free box, €24.90 a month. Definitely advantageous if you think that each box has a value of over €90 and for the subscribers there are a lot of offers and discounts that are unrepeatable. In addition, shipping is always free, the products are in medium-large formats, accompanied by a leaflet with practical advice on how to use them to the best, and customer service is always available to us for any eventuality. It becomes really difficult to give up pampering and spoil yourself with these magical boxes.

The new Mermaid vibes beauty box by Abiby

Abiby beauty box mermaid vibes.

In June’s Mermaid vibes beauty box there are three products of exclusive European brands that prepare us for the summer for a complete siren-proof treatment. I must admit that then, testing and testing all the products, I had the desire to provide for the purchase of the regular format and Abiby, as he knows perfectly every woman, also helps us on this. In fact, on their shop it is possible to buy individually all the products present in the boxes, preventing us from becoming crazy looking for who knows where. Let’s find out more in detail…

1. De Bruyère. Jolies Mains. Hand and nail cream. Non-greasy and quickly absorbed, it immediately gives a very soft skin.
2. De Bruyère. Lait Après Soleil. After sun milk with Monoï oil. Moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin after exposure to the sun.
3. De Bruyère. Bonjour Douceur. Refreshing bubble bath with pomegranate extract.
4. Lord & Berry. Lip Silhouette. Modeling and high definition lip contour pencil.
5. Lord & Berry. Lip Gloss. Illuminating lipgloss with Vitamin E.
6. Eric Favre. Aqua Mask. Moisturizing face mask for a softer, toned and luminous skin.

Finally I announce, for new customers subscribers by June 23, who will receive the box Summer, please with an free extra product. Curious to know which one? You just have to treat yourself to this beautiful gift designed especially for all of us! Good beauty gift routine!

Beauty box Abiby products.
Abiby beauty box mermaid vibes.
Beauty box mermaid vibes di Abiby.
Abiby beauty box mensili.
Beauty box mermaid vibes by Abiby.

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