by fashionsnobber

The Fashion

"Aware of my style,
but not your tastes."

Who is the Fashion?

Who said that good taste only wears size 38?
I have seen it worn perfectly even on a 48.
Who says that to be “fashion” you have to spend multi-zero figures and follow all the trends?

Style has no weight, no size, and above all it’s priceless

Tired of the usual fashion blog that cheer everyone on the cry of haute couture and I mean ALL the designers and every single creation?
Come with me, you will not regret it. There is a special trip waiting for us. You don’t have to walk a lot, you just have to figure out what to extrapolate from each new trend that can be put in earnest and never makes us look bad.
We will meet on the “FrontRow” of the great fashion shows, we will go shopping together and comment on the perfect wardrobe.

What is the perfect wardrobe?

The one made of garments that enhance our physiognomy. Those that embody the shapes and pockets of most Italian women. Timeless classics but with small precautions they will always make us feel on the piece.
Let’s not allow ourselves to be robbed of personality, let’s defend lightness of mind and thought. We protect our essence and love each other always feeling at ease and beautiful. First for us and then for others. We are women for real and not sad mannequins.
I will use lightness and irony to describe fashion and style (with a lot of lifestyle and blogging tips) interpreting it in my own way based on a simple concept:

Not everything that is momentarily trendy is actually classy, good taste and above all it doesn’t suit everyone

The style of Fashion Snobber? Mainly casual while remaining firmly in a classic style, a little preppy if you want. But also bon ton depending on the occasion. Then sometimes I play with everyone else but it’s more for digging than anything else. I’m not fashionable and I don’t want to be.

I am aware of my style but not of your tastes

Why Fashion Snobber?

Because I will never consider myself a fashion blogger. In my own way, I snub and mock the classic canon seen so far by 80% of fashion blogs. For example, if a brand ever asks me to wear or sponsor one of their articles but I don’t like it, I’ll say no without problems. I will try to maintain a style line by talking and telling what I really like and wear on a daily basis. I will swallow what is rejected. I will never show boobs or butt, I will never pose half naked to advertise a perfume, food or anyone and if anyone thinks they find this as well as offending me, go ahead.

How was the name born?

To create the identity of this blog, I simply combined these characteristics of mine. I invented a name that could represent me and convey my thoughts with irony. Fashion blogger because I talk about fashion, but definitely Snob all along the line and therefore Fashion Snob-ber. Read me by going beyond the category in which the blog is placed if you can. That’s where you’ll understand me.


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