Advent calendar: 10+ ideas for all tastes

by fashionsnobber

The advent calendar is a custom dedicated mainly to children to accompany them while they wait for the arrival of Santa Claus. But, let’s face it, even the grown-ups don’t give up on them now. Precisely for this reason, with the countdown getting closer and closer, I want to provide some nice ideas on the subject with a selection of the best DIY advent calendars and not that I have seen around.

An advent calendar for all tastes

The first advent calendars began to be seen in Germany in 1920. We must therefore thank the Germans for this great idea now widespread throughout Europe and the United States.
In the past, these particular calendars began the contdown on the first Sunday of advent. Today, however, they are used to start on December 1st.
Tradition has it that in each box there are various kinds of sweets. Personally I have never particularly loved this gift choice and I have always tried to invent something different. For example, positive handwritten messages or thoughts or memories to relive. Or small good deeds to do every day until Christmas.
For my son, on the other hand, I tried to avoid sweets by putting pieces of a game to be assembled or puzzle pieces. I remember one year I found a box with 30 toy cars in the jeweller’s and saved myself with those. Fortunately, in recent years, advent calendars are also starting to be found on the market without ready-made sweets that are able to satisfy us all. Let’s find them out together.

Best advent calendars on the market


Sephora Advent Calendar.

Polish Ciaté

Calendario dell'avvento Ciaté.


Calendario avvento Thun.


H&M Advent Calendar.

Advent calendar for children Lego

Children Advent Calendar Lego.

10+ ideas for an DIY advent calendar

What if we wanted to make an advent calendar on our own? On the net there are really many ideas and ideas to be able to implement it in a few steps and with poor materials. Surely everyone in the house has scraps of cloth from which to make small bags. Pieces of wood that we could use as a base. Old clothes pegs that can allow us to keep paper bags attached to a support we have chosen. And why not, also reuse an old wooden staircase making it magically a visual piece of design. In short, space for imagination. The most beautiful and original DIY advent calendar has yet to be created. Yes, right from you!

DIY Advent Calendar.

Calendario dell'avvento idea fai da te.

DIY Advent Calendar.

Calendario dell'avvento fai da te.

DIY Advent Calendar.

Calendario dell'avvento fai da te.

DIY Advent Calendar.

10+ migliori idee calendario avvento fai da te.

DIY advent calendar.

Credits: Images found in the official brand shops and viewable on Pinterest “Christmas” board along with many other ideas.

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