Alexa Rank, what you need to know

by fashionsnobber

They are in this world for almost a year, listening to all, bloggers, experts and not, I learn and I try to do my any information is given to me, that it is false or true, because even by those who mind you can always learn something. In my niche often I have heard different opinions concerning the much mentioned Alexa Rank.
Exactly that nice website where you are told to registravi and then makes you enter in turn a Toolbar or a widget on your site so you can receive your blog traffic data. That portal that seems to be so taken into account by any press office, agency or brand to decide whether or not you are worth.
But first things first before we tell you that they are all lies, as usual, and show you how I tested its logarithm.

Alexa, I need to know to not be fooled

What is Alexa?

Alexa is a US company founded in 1996 and later acquired by Amazon in 1999 that deals with statistics on Internet traffic viewable by any user who needs to monitor a specific website. Or so it seems. It allows you to register for free and gives preliminary information related to indexing of your domain that you will see in more detail if you purchase a paid subscription. Like millions of similar platforms in practice, nothing so innovative. However daily updates the position of your site / blog in the world based on traffic and popularity. Most will be low value that you’ll get more the position is better for the Alexa Rank.

As Alexa calculates the statistics of a blog?

It ‘very simple and definitely not true, this store it right away.
Alexa works as a community would say, takes data from those who have installed its toolbar or widget into your site but there were no official format for those uses such as Safari or Chrome, and so these views will not be counted. In practice, the Alexa rank is based on a data stream for those who are registered in its platform and uses various software.
This is also demonstrated by the fact that I in January in addition to removing volunteer their widget with attached banners to verify this information and simultaneously have doubled my average daily visits from other fields outside of Alexa rank I had a sharp fall also if for about a couple of weeks I have reactivated the widget.
So, in fact, a website with just over 100 views per day but all coming from those who have installed Alexa most likely will find itself among the most viewed sites than those who perhaps it does 5000 but not from those who use it.

Improve Alexa rank can you?

I would say that you already have the answer, do you know anyone who register on this site and install its toolbar, then just stay with few readers but that everyone uses that platform with the further addition of the backlinks, ie commented on other websites and blogs with a good rank Alexa, possibly better than yours, and therefore belong to those niches of the industry. This will help you evaluate positively.
So, in conclusion Alexa is a bullshit and should be considered only to have a very estimation, but very rough of such data.
First of any brand will waste time going to analyze your percentages but at most the screen asks you directly to Google Analytics. Yeah, and have you ever wondered why you asked Analytics which is private and not another? Perhaps because, as I always say, is among the most truthful despite losing a few visits Safari him well. It must be said.
Second, there are so many similar sites to Alexa that certainty is absurd because everyone is watching what each agency, press agency or brand has its own web master who works in his own way with different knowledge.
So nothing, relax and do not pay too much attention to that calculation Indexing also because I have personally seen very high private statistics on Alexa are in total abyss and vice versa who is under 100,000 and does not exceed 200 average views per day.
Subscribe if you like, interagiteci if you like, but take it with a grain and to see if your site is well-trust Google not to Blogger that also counts your personal, non-Wordpress that loses several etc.

Alexa Rank.

Alexa on Google.

I hope to be able to explain to me pretty well, I tried to use terms as friendly as possible so as not to confuse you too much on a topic which you may not chew much, but I hope will be a help to understand how it works and how to interpret . Of the series, is not everything that glitters is gold. ;)

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