Apple Watch Review: between pros and cons

by fashionsnobber

The first smartwatch I’ve seen, heard and read in all colors. Who hosens him and who denigrates him at foot. Who thinks it’s just for Apple employees and those who even find it brilliant. That’s right, I’m talking about him, the Apple Watch. Obviously he does not make coffee or brings to the moon so don’t expect big things. It should be taken for the object it is. A watch with something extra. A quick summary of our indispensable smartphone capable of facilitating us from having it always in hand.

Apple Watch review

Recensione Apple Watch.

Since I bought the Apple Watch, they often stop me asking how I am and worth it. Wanting to respond to everyone as completely as possible, I thought of writing this review, trying to be as objective as possible and explaining myself in an understandable way even to the most novice interested in this new product. Let’s start with order and gradually discover all its features.


At the time of purchase, Apple Watch is packaged in a white rigid cardboard box with minimal packaging in perfect Apple style. Inside there is the quick guide and another very elegant white rigid plastic package in which the watch is placed with the strap. Below this we find the USB cable (5W) with the magnetic charger placed at the other end of the wire (2 meters long) and another strap of greater length to change in case the one mounted was too small for our wrist.

How it’s done

Apple Watch has a vaguely rectangular shape and is available in two measurements: the 42 mm with a 30 g case, the width of 35.9 mm and the depth of 10.5 mm and the 38 mm with the 25 g case, the width of 33, 3 mm and depth of 10.5 mm. Both models have the same design and the same functionality and colors (silver, sidereal gray, gold and rose gold). The case is in anodized aluminum, the glass of the Ion-X screen, the bottom in composite material and the fluoroelastomer strap that allows it to adapt to any wrist. On the side there is the on / off button and the digital crown.

Technical features

  • Apple 512MB RAM processor
  • Retina display with Force Touch resolution 340 × 272 in 38mm and 390 × 312 in 42mm.
  • Digital Crown that allows you to select, zoom and activate Siri
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Heart rate monitor, accelerometer and gyroscope
  • Microphone and speaker
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n at 2.4GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Watch OS operating system
  • Integrated 8GB memory
  • NFC transmitter for payments via Apple Pay
  • 18 hours of battery
  • IPX7 certification that allows it to withstand splashes of water but is not waterproof.

How to use

Apple Watch review.

For the complete management of the Apple Watch device an iPhone 5 or higher is required with which to synchronize. All this takes place by scanning the iPhone with a particular logo that will appear on the watch display. Once synchronized and activated, scrolling upwards on the dial opens the Looks section, while scrolling downwards all the latest notifications are displayed. Pressing the digital crown displays the Home screen or the dial, pressing it twice opens the last used app, keeping it pressed activates Siri and then turning it you can resize, scroll and adjust. The side key if pressed and held turns the device on or off while, if pressed slightly, shows or hides Friends. To personalize the dial, simply hold the display at any point.

Pros and cons of the Apple Watch


Lets not waste time searching for the smartphone inside the bag whenever it rings. With WhatsApp notifications you can decide whether or not to respond based on importance or if it is a short and not very secret phone call answering and speaking from the built-in speakerphone. Ditto for email, standard sms etc. Good quality of voice calls even if in very noisy environments it is not the best.
Latest updates on social media in real time to always be “on the piece” and not miss anything.
For those who have a home in home automation, it is very comfortable allowing them to interact with its features and turn on a light rather than another, it becomes extremely simple and practical.
Constant monitoring of our health, physical activity and training that can be easily set with daily goals. Every day I try to complete the three circles supernando the goal that I had set. I love when he suggests I get up for at least a minute after so long sitting. He manages to make me move and that’s what I need when, for example, I have days entirely dedicated to the PC where sitting is a must.
Functions like pedometer and sleep activity, not bad and sending your own heartbeat or a simple drawing done by us on the display to another Apple Watch is romantic and let’s face it, if per se a bullshit but makes you smile. The heart rate is automatically detected every 10 minutes.


You can not reply on WhatsApp or post on social media as long as they are not specific phrases already set. Basically you can’t write to it.
Siri helps but often understands whistles for flasks.
It cannot work alone, it must be supported by an Apple device with a sim and via Bluetooth.
The battery does not last me 18 hours but like any electronic device depends on how much is used. I don’t know what to expect from a 4 cm object.
The app interface installed in my opinion is a bit chaotic. It will be that I am used to the orderly arrangement on the iPad and iPhone and so the Apple Watch cloud disturbs me. Finding apps quickly becomes a bit tricky.
For the moment too few apps available or at least as far as my interests are concerned. Over time they will surely increase, we bear patience and I believe they will not disappoint.
The dials to customize are limited, little original choice and too many boring classics.
Finally the display that is activated by movement bothers me, I would prefer to always remain active or switch off at our decision.
Ok, if you allow everything it would be a real smartphone. We assume that it is a clock and not a spaceship.

Apple Watch: my personal opinion

Recensione orologio Apple.

I always wear it without problems. Very comfortable, light and never happened to get caught somewhere. As clumsy as I am and I’m absolutely not paying attention to anything, it hasn’t broken yet. I fell at least 3 times in a month and I change the strap as if there were no tomorrow. So it survives and is not as delicate as they say. Of course, maybe we won’t pull it from the fourth floor because it’s not a Kobold.
I chose the 42 mm because even though I didn’t change that much from the 38 mm, like many things I always prefer the bigger one. No, it’s that I’m old and I want to see each other better. That’s all.
Gold case because pink stucci, silver is the most inflated, black too masculine. A design that I absolutely like and don’t get tired of. I would have liked it a lot less round.

For those who are suitable

Apple Watch is suitable for everyone. Having said that I would strongly recommend it to those who cannot do without web, social media and technology but as a status symbol take a Rolex or a Cartier. It is undoubtedly a stylish accessory but still aimed at those who have fair economic possibilities because it is not cheap. If instead you keep your privacy more than anything else in the world as well as not having to have any social media you can safely avoid buying.

Where to buy

All Apple devices, including the various Apple Watch models, can be purchased on their official website or at authorized sales points. Including the big electronics chains like Mediaworld, Trony, Expert etc. Given the high cost is it worth it? For me “NY” (no+yes). Certainly it is an investment, the product has a high quality, great practicality of use but if it is purchased thinking of using it only as a watch, it can be dispensed with.

Orologio Apple e ripped jeans outfit.

Minimal style flat lay pic.

Orologio Cartier e smartwatch.

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