B3ndy, not just fashion bags but real passion

by fashionsnobber

The bag is the right arm of every woman. A fundamental accessory to which we rely on our most precious assets. From those of daily use to those of travel. That’s why I’m talking about bags and suitcases today. And where can yobest brand of handbag find a wide selection of fashion bags selected among the best brands in circulation? Definitely from B3ndy. An Italian shop with leather goods.

B3ndy is not just fashion bags but a family tradition with over 50 years of experience

B3ndy is an e-commerce that is born from 50 years of experience and passion for leather goods from craftsmen to merchants. A family tradition that has also led to the creation of a beautiful online shop that I fell in love instantly. With a special focus on Made in Italy products B3ndy.com bags and suitcases offers a selection of great brands with their most popular models. Furla, Coccinelle, Alviero Martini, Moschino, Armani, Patrizia Pepe, Samsonite and PIQUADRO, for example, there are only a few. Finding and buying online fashion bags in all serenity has never been so easy and safe. B3ndy takes care of the customer, he is attentive to his needs and accompanies him in his purchase from the beginning to the end. With professionalism and seriousness, we offer warranty services such as Satisfied or Reimbursed and shipped and made free of charge. It can not be visited without shopping with joy in the heart, or rather in a bag.

B3ndy borse di moda e valigeria shop online - B3ndy fashion handbags and suitcases online shop.

From B3ndy the Samsonite trolley line conquers my travels

In presenting B3ndy, however, I want to dwell on the last Samsonite travel trolley line. The summer is approaching and with the beautiful season you want to travel a bit more. Whether for a weekend or a longer period Samsonite remains an undisputed synonym of quality and reliability in the matter. In fact, the Samsonite trolley line fits every type of traveler. From rigid models to those who can not give up resistance and lightness, models with capacity and versatility similar to a purse while maintaining the convenience of a trolley. A collection of modern lines combined perfectly with high quality materials. Equipped with extraordinary impact resistance and durability over time, Samsonite is a certainty and buying it on B3ndy makes it even more. For me that I often share between Milan and Tuscany I find the SmartTop model perfect. Simple, functional, practical and compact.

B3ndy borse di moda e valigeria, trolley Samsonite - B3ndy fashion handbags and suitcases trolley Samsonite.

B3ndy borse di moda e valigeria, trolley Samsonite - B3ndy fashion handbags and suitcases trolley Samsonite.

And yes, I choose it in red exactly as the passion that puts us B3ndy to give you always and only the best. And you instead? What are your trolley or fashion handbags? Visit B3ndy and I’m sure you’ll find out instantly.

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Fashionably Idu 29.05.2017 - 6:47

They look very sturdy. I almost wish they had 4 wheels instead of 2. Have a great week Luna.



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