Basic Wardrobe

by fashionsnobber
Basic Wardrobe

Basic Wardrobe by Fashion Snobber

Jumpers and Cardigans

They are essential for winter and mid-season evenings. Personally I prefer them with the working condition that makes them more special. In wool or cashmere. Put on the first with a shirt underneath or a polo shirt with collar to be flawless and second to remove the effect of “Grandma” match it with a fancy dress.
The course is great as turtlenecks under jacket, with jeans or a skirt makes your look once more refined.

White and blue shirt

You can wear them on everything and customize with various accessories to make them different and current. Pay close attention to the neck, it must not be too large nor too pointed.

White T-shirt

Cotton is fundamental because it is a garment that lends itself well to different types of outfits. Without written giants he has much more class.


You can indulge, there are really many models but as a base a camel and a black color are essential. Models like the one in the picture are a must. You can bring open or closed with ease allowing them to enhance the waist with integrated belt.

Jackets and Blazers

Resolve any situation. Perfect for business meetings, for the first evenings type of an exhibition, for the day, at night, in the afternoon, a drink with friends, at work etc. Everything changes according to how you combine to make them more or less important. They must not make defects but stay on him perfectly and be the right size. A little trick is to lift the arms forward and see, keeping them stretched out, where did his sleeve. If it exceeds the hand / wrist is not good, and even if it arrives before the wrist. The ideal length is more or less half the wrist.

Little black dress

No frills, no strange glitter or sequins, can be exploited with the jacket, with the blazer, with a stole, a cape or simply with nothing. Always allow it to be perfect for every occasion. The skirt should not be short but get little above the knee or directly below. Be avoided at all the logs. The sheath is used exclusively Shoe, classic ballet flats or sandals.


Consisting of jacket and skirt or trousers longuette mannish save you from many situations in which you do not know what to wear. In addition, breaking it, you can use to get changes of clothes at the last moment.

Floral dress

For example you can transform depending on the shoes; with sneakers or flat sandals will be casual with a neckline or a sandal with heel it becomes evening.

Pants jeans

The ideal is a tight pattern at the bottom; Straight leg or skinny. Washing medium, without tearing or decorations. Slims the figure and is comfortable to all. Life must be high or medium but never low. The low waist is vulgar (yes, even if you have a flat stomach and a 38), is not at all polite to show the intimate (to say the least) while bending to pick up something or when they are just sitting. I have not seen, but the others, always give respect and education.

Classic cloth pants

It’s blue, black, gray or green will be used pervasively combining it with any piece of our closet.

Capri pants

Capri, capri not, there is its difference. It must arrive exactly just above the ankle. Rising from head ignorance regarding who told you that makes effect “water at home” or rinunceremmo into an iconic piece that has made history. A patterned or plain is fabulous, flawless. Personally I prefer low shoe as espadrilles, a flat sandal leather, a dancer or a moccasin but on some outfits that I’ve seen around I also welcome with take off or sandal. But it should be able to combine and wear well.


Leather and leather-colored, simple with classic clasp. You can use it on his hips, waist, in your pants or on some dresses, depending on how we want to transform our style.

Sandals and décolleté

No wedges and no plateau. Straight heel height you prefer. But remember that a heel of 12 need to know how to walk really well and given that in a few we can recommend something lower to prevent robotic movements rather ridiculous. Including knees bent.


Converse, Superga, Vans, choice of color and patterns. Vietatissime those platform with the double sole effect pile of bricks under the shoe. They weigh down the figure and are really ugly to see.

Dancers shoes

always Porselli the Top, are the dancers gentleman par excellence but there are commercially very similar models that are fine. Buckling miraccomando. And if men say that the dancers are bad, out and not sexy, I reply that should be there perpetually on their heels or wedges. With a dancer has always sophisticated. On the issue of standing to duck I think it depends on who we have them or not in nature and certainly not the type of shoe. Heeled you are in constant tension for balance therefore it is easier to keep the foot straight. Easy to denigrate a model with these urban legends.


Model rider to speak. Low, round tip, no heels, wedges or plateau. They use a lot both inside jeans under dresses.

Stoles and pashminas

Cotton, silk, linen and cashmere are another chief essential. Versatile, transform each cabinet article and enrich to taste. Many ways to tie them and make the same always different model.


A wide brim, which are well on their face and the material that we prefer. For when you want to enhance a look or just has a crown that that day is not done and tame enough to hide a little ‘to feel perfect.


Immediately put in order. With a very simple and quick gesture we are with his head in place.

Here, I think this is the Basic Wardrobe ideal from which to start and then create your own style. They are leaders who are good at all, timeless, classic, and not give way to wrong turning between them.


Rachel 18.12.2015 - 13:48

Perfect Basic wardrobes !

Danielle 04.09.2015 - 22:14

Great selection! I would love the LBD and a blazer.


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