Lookfantastic beauty box: the #LFPAMPER of October

by fashionsnobber

I had spoken about the English online boutique of Lookfantastic beauty products this summer when I received their #LFBESTOFBRITISH box. Today I go back to talking about it because I had the pleasure of receiving a second even more beautiful Lookfantastic beauty box and it would be a real selfish not to share it with the web.

A new Lookfantastic beauty box to be discovered

Lookfantastic beauty box #LFPAMPER.

The Lookfantastic beauty box of October is themed #LFPAMPER. Also this time he does not deny himself and gives us six premium products that are truly indispensable for our beauty and personal care. Included in the beauty box are also the latest issue of Elle and the Lookfantastic magazine full of tips on the best spas and new products to try. The theme of this month is basically the celebration of autumn with the arrival of its first colds that bring us an unstoppable desire for pampering and protection. Of the series, I’m not afraid of autumn, I will always be beautiful!
I want to remind you that you can receive a different beauty box every month with the products selected by their best brands. Just choose one of the three different types of subscription offered in their online shop. Every woman you love deserves to treat yourself to a beauty gift at least once a month, Lookfantastic made it possible in a simple click.

The products of box #LFPAMPER

Prodotti beauty box Lookfantastic.

In the Lookfantastic beauty box that kicks off autumn there are six irresistible products that every woman should use.

  1. OSKIA. Renaissance mask. Organic Facial Mask that evens the complexion and makes the skin smoother immediately and soft to the touch. Leave on the face until it becomes white to pink and then rinse with warm water.
  2. MIO. Liquid Yoga. Relaxing shower gel and moisturizer. Ideal for a nice hot bath after a long day.
  3. POLAAR. The Genuine Lapland Cream. Lip balm without fragrance and color perfect for those who have extremely sensitive. It protects and moisturizes against the elements.
  4. MURAD. Intensive-C Radiance Peel. Mask soothing and exfoliating fast-acting face. It prevents skin aging and leaves the skin moisturized and shiny. Use once or twice a week and leave for 10 minutes. My favorite product of this Lookfantastic beauty box.
  5. LAURA GELLER. Pout Perfection Waterproof Lip Liner. Lip pencil for a flawless makeup. A long-wearing and waterproof from the excellent coverage. It also spreads very easily.
  6. ALTERNA. Caviar Moisture Intense Treatment. Treatment pre-shampoo cream oil which controls frizz have moisture. Apply massaging from roots to hair tips immediately smoother, healthy and strong.

Box #LFPAMPER and Elle magazine.

Best female monthly box.

Products Box #LFPAMPER.

Lookfantastic beauty box.

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Idu Emeziem 26.10.2016 - 17:30

Great box. I love the contents and the pink packaging. Enjoy.



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