Perfect face beauty routine with Chanel essential times

by fashionsnobber

So far I have never talked about beauty products or make-up. I am not very skilled in the matter and habitually I always rely on the usual 4 or 5 brands for a lifetime. Yet I also have a facial beauty routine that I never forget and I decided to share it for those who, perhaps, are looking for valid and highly recommended products.

How to get a perfect face beauty routine in three easy steps

Chanel face beauty routine.

I am lazy by nature. Listless and I’m not even the typical woman who enjoys spending hours in front of the mirror despite having a skin with different imperfections. Oily, oily and definitely in need of extra care thanks to a noteworthy facial beauty routine. I had been given several samples of this line of face creams when I purchased Chanel’s Rouge Noir make-up items months ago. In a short time I finished them all by trying them with an unconscious dedication. I must admit that I found benefit from the first applications so in the end I took the complete treatment by deciding to review it in this blog. It is helping me a lot and the results are evident.

The Essential Times of Chanel

A complete beauty routine treatment that takes care of the skin of the face in three simple steps and, strange but true, I can respect it without problems. I personally recommend it because, I repeat, my skin has really improved since the first applications and the products that keep the promises made deserve to be shared. A line of three face cream treatments to be used day, night and weekend respectively. But let’s see them in detail one by one.

Le Jour de Chanel

Facial activator treatment. To be applied every morning for a perfect beauty routine. With jasmine extract from Grasse and microdosed salicylic acid. Visibly reduces pores, smoothes the skin, enhancing its brightness and naturalness, immediately giving a uniform complexion. I also noticed that it is also an excellent make-up base. In fact, after allowing the cream to absorb well, I apply the foundation much better and maintains its opacity much more than usual.

La nuit de Chanel

Restorative face. Last step of our beauty routine to be applied every night before going to sleep. With frankincense extract and a progressive release hyaluronic acid derivative. Restores hydration and restarts skin regeneration while we sleep, soothing and giving comfort to stressed skin to prepare it for a new day, making it return elastic and without signs of fatigue on waking.

Le weekend de Chanel

New skin effect face treatment. Beauty routine step to be applied only during the weekend. With rose water and high tolerance glycemic acid. Applied both in the morning and in the evening, it exfoliates and hydrates, smoothing the skin to make it extremely soft and radiant, ready for the following week.

Unfortunately, it is well known that I am not a beauty expert, much less a beauty routine. However, I hope I have been clear and useful enough in talking about these products that I fell in love with and that I find no criticism to make except perhaps the cost, not really low cost, but if everything has a price, I think that our beauty must have it too and here the quality is without a doubt excellent. If anyone decides to try this line let me know how it is found, for now I have not tested anything better for my personal needs.

Complete Chanel face cream treatment.

Chanel beauty routine.

Beauty routine Chanel. Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend.

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