Fashion books: 9 best books on fashion absolutely to have

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Despite being technological to the core, I have not yet fallen into the Kidle and eBook network when I have to buy good books on fashion. There is nothing to do, for me the books must be paper. I have to smell the perfume of the pages, their noise when I leaf through them, I have to be able to write down everything in pencil and I must have it clearly visible in my library and not hidden on a fashion app or a cold technological object that overheats on the thirtieth page. This is why I thought of selecting the best fashion books that every enthusiast should have.

The little Prince

Il Piccolo Principe di Antoine de Saint- Exupéry.

One of my absolute favorite books is The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry published April 6, 1943 by Reynal and Hitchcock. I carry around since I was a child and I never changed my opinion. Read, re-read, consumed, bought back he is always with me and part of me. He taught me so much and continues to do so. I never stove. Of quotes to pull off, I would have a thousand but I have now chosen only 3…

… And ‘the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.”

Of course I hurt you. Of course I will. Sure there will. But this is the very condition of existence. Farsi spring, means accepting the risk of winter. Farsi presence, means accepting the risk of absence.”

There will always be another opportunity, another friend, another love, a new force. For each order it is a new beginning.”

I know, this is technically a fashion blog but I could not fail to mention Il Piccolo Principe among my favorite fashion books. Even if it doesn’t really talk about fashion, fashion has made it and, let’s face it, continues to do it.

The 9 best fashion books

Psychology clothing

Psicologia dell'abbigliamento di Carl Flughel John.Carl Flughel John, 288 pages.

Psychology of clothing is considered a fundamental text for at least three reasons: it is the most original and profound book on the psychological of fashion aspects; It is the first systematic application of psychoanalytic theory to the phenomenon of the dress; It provides exactly the evolution of fashion. The work is spread primarily through the analysis of three fundamental motivations that underlie clothing: decoration, modesty and protection. Few students of psychoanalysis were able, as Flügel, on the ground and experimental with a topic of sociological prove the truth of the ideal of Freudian psychoanalysis as a way to explain the world.

Fashion: Box

Best fashion books: Fashion box di Antonio Mancinelli.Antonio Mancinelli, 480 pages.

Style icons and words are two inextricably linked. Witness the match between celebrities and fashion is a way to find out how these two worlds together, we have created the costume, the daily way of interpreting the clothing and behavior, since the 50s. Each piece that makes up the current wardrobe has had his muse. “Fashion Box” offers an overview on the classics of fashion and icons that made them famous. In the game of these two elements, the synthesis is the image: frame shots and unforgettable film become part of our imagination.

The Fashion is a Novel

Best fashion books.Fabiana Giacomotti, 288 pages.

When Oscar Wilde defines fashion, “a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months” is not indulging in his penchant for the paradox is pointing the finger at a fashion that distorts the body and makes it deformed with busts and saddles. Through the description of fashion and its details, in fact, the great authors do not only tell stories and characters, but reveal much about himself and of his age. Taking inspiration from novels, poetry and autobiographies of the great Western literary tradition, “Fashion is a novel” tells the secrets of apparel we wear every day, which has been their evolution and how they have helped to animate the most beloved characters of literature. Anthology unusual and fun that is also a guide to self-discovery.

Fashion History

Storia della Moda, di Enrica Morini.Enrica Morini, 608 pages.

How it is born and how it developed the contemporary fashion? Your origins, founders,  models and customers? What was and what is its function? The relationship between fashion and the social and cultural life of an era? What does “create” fashion? This new edition of the History of fashion, completely revised and expanded, traces the evolution of style and taste, age revolutionary, neoclassical and imperial up to international designers and big names of Italian fashion today, from Armani to Valentino , from Versace to Ferré.

Fashion. 150 years of fashion designers

Best fashion books: Moda. 150 anni di Stilisti Designer Atelier di Charlotte Seeling.Charlotte Seeling, 512 pages.

The designers were elected to true legends and have sought, through their creations, to make real their ideal of perfection and luxury. From vanguard Paul Poiret to pragmatic Coco Chanel, the eccentric Vivienne Westwood to master Valentino, through the creations of Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani, right down to the chameleonic Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford brilliant this volume can be considered an authentic Bible fashion that traces 150 years of history through pictures and portraits of the most famous brands and designers. From what can be considered the origins of fashion as we know it today, each chapter traces the various periods, each marked by a particular way of understanding the style, with his ideas and his protagonists. A compendium of the history of fashion, which includes both the great legends, both witnesses who interpret the new trends for the chains cheap, accompanied by beautiful illustrations.

Fashion. Since the birth of haute couture

Moda. Dalla nascita della Haute Couture a oggi di Sofia Gnoli.Sofia Gnoli, 252 pages.

This volume traces the history of fashion from Charles Frederich Worth first tailor no longer understood as a simple craftsman, but as the creator of shapes to get the contemporary age. Next to the profiles of the most important international designers from Chanel to Dior, Armani, Valentino, Gucci, Prada, are reconstructed the fundamental stages of the affirmation of fashion and its steps from haute couture to Pretaporter, up to globalization and the fast fashion that They characterized the first decade of the millennium.

Wishlist fashion books

In my wishlist instead I have this fashion books. If you want to reward myself know which one. ;)

Stories & styles

Moda. Storie & stili. di Arianna Piazza.Arianna Piazza, 536 pages.

An encyclopedic book of more than 250 designers, brands, styles and movements that have shaped the history of international fashion.

In Vogue, below, it’s definitely one of those classic books that a fashionista cannot fail to have in spite of me having several reservations about the magazine as it is not always objective about what really tastes good and does not. But Vogue is always Vogue and to be constantly updated on this topic there is nothing comparable.

In Vogue

Best fashion books: In Vogue di Alberto Oliva e Norberto Angeletti.Alberto Oliva and Norberto Angeletti, 412 pages.

Through hundreds of covers, archival images, contributions and interviews with editors, photographers and world famous celebrities, this book tells the story of “Vogue” from the beginning, in 1909, to the present day, with the work of some of the most important illustrators and photographers of the twentieth century. In this edition, updated and enriched with two new sections with the most prestigious shooting the last few years, it completes the exciting story of modern fashion photography and new visual approaches that have marked the twentieth century, as they have interpreted directors editorial and art director of “Vogue”, by Alexander Liberman to Diana Vreeland, Grace Mirabella and Anna Wintour.

That said, your favorite books that you have in your library and on which they’ll never learn or study instead what? And your absolute favorite who remained in the heart? Tell me new readings!

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