3 must have by 10 best fashion brands in the world

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The Brand Finance ranking recently revealed which are the 10 best fashion brands in the world. Analyzing the power and value of each brand, he decreed which, to date, are the strongest in the sector. And, contrary to what one might think, in the first three positions there is not even a luxury brand. Let’s find out together with a selection of their 3 must-have items.

3 must have from best fashion brands in the world

1° Nike

Best fashion brand in the world: must have by Nike.

Nike ranks first among the best fashion brands. American sports clothing and accessories brand born in 1964 as “Blue Ribbon Sports” became Nike in the early 1970s. The most iconic shoe models are the Air Max, Air Force and Classic Cortez in each of their variations.

2° H&M

H&M è tra i migliori brand di moda al mondo.

In second place of the best fashion brands we find a low cost brand. Swedish clothing company founded in 1947 with the name of “Hennes” which later became H&M in 1968 when they integrated the men’s fashion collections. Her must haves are purely seasonal like their entire collections. From the series, if you like something take it now because then you won’t find it again. Right now, jackets, ruffled shirts and trendy trousers stand out.

3° Zara

Best fashion brand: Zara.

Spanish clothing and accessories brand born in 1975. Today it is the largest low cost fashion brand in Europe. As for H&M, the discourse of seasonal must-haves is equivalent and also from Zara there are shirts with rouches, trendy trousers and more or less tailored jackets.

4° Louis Vuitton

Migliori brand di moda al mondo: i must have di Louis Vuitton.

Only in fourth place of the best fashion brands do we find a luxury brand. Louis Vuitton is a French company specializing in leather goods and fashion accessories founded in 1854 in Paris. Over the years, the iconic pieces unquestionably remain three models of bags that are the hallmark of this luxury brand. The Speedy 30, the Neverfull GM and the Alma MM all strictly in Monogram canvas.

5° Adidas

Best fashion brand: must have by Adidas.

Adidas is a German sporting clothing brand born around 1949. Who among us has never had a pair of Stan Smith, Gazelle or Superstar? Here, I believe this can decree them as the main must-haves of this sports brand.

6° Uniqlo

Best fashion brand: Uniqlo.

The Japanese company Uniqlo, which produces and sells mainly casual clothing for men, women and children, ranks sixth among the best fashion brands. Founded in 1949, it arrived in Italy this year in Milan. Not knowing it at all to decree its must haves, I relied on my personal taste. They have very classic items and among all I was struck by a puff sleeve blouse, a high waisted skirt with a bow and a tailored jacket.

7° Hermès

Migliori brand di moda al mondo: i must have di Hermès.

Among the best fashion brands, Hermès could certainly not be missing. French high fashion brand born in 1837 in Paris. A dream for many to be able to even touch one of their must-haves that over the years have never feared rivals. The most desired iconic women’s bags of all time, the Kelly and the Birkin without forgetting of course their scarves that have and continue to make history.

8° Rolex

Migliori brand di moda al mondo: Rolex.

Swiss company among the largest in the production of fine wristwatches. Founded in 1905 it was initially called “Wilsdorf & Davis” before becoming the Rolex we all know. Its iconic pieces are the Daytona, Submariner and GMT-Master watch models.

9° Gucci

Best fashion brand in the world: must have by Gucci.

In ninth place of the best fashion brands is Gucci. Italian fashion house born in 1921 in Florence. Second only to Louis Vuitton as the best-selling luxury brand in the world, today it is one of the most famous globally with 300 official stores. Unparalleled must haves are the Jackie bag, their moccasins and their belts.

10° Cartier

Migliori brand di moda al mondo: i must have di Cartier.

Cartier is a French brand famous for its production of watches and jewelry founded in 1847 in Paris. The first watch to make this brand famous was the Santos model which is part of its main iconic items together with the most recent Love and Juste un Clou bracelets.

Here are all the main must haves taken from the ranking of the 10 best fashion brands in the world. Of course, if we could really have them all it wouldn’t be bad. No?

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Adela 30.04.2017 - 20:54

I’m loving these picks! They are definitely must haves and worth the investment!!!



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