Instagram recap 5: the best of the fifth year

by fashionsnobber

And after seeing all the best of the blog’s fifth year, the appointment with the best of the most fashionable and most popular social networks of the moment could not be missing. Following we will discover together the top ten, plus the undisputed winner, in the Instagram recap 5 with all the most loved photos that I have published.

Instagram recap 5: the most loved photo

Best pic Instagram recap 5.

August vibes.?

To date, the undisputed winner of this Instagram recap 5, during the fifth year of Fashion Snobber, has been a glimpse of the sea in Tuscany, more precisely at the Bolgheri Oasis, during my typical August day. It is not one of my favorite photos ever but I understand that such a sea can objectively hypnotize anyone.

My Instagram profile: the best of the fifth year in 10 photos

Unfortunately, the top ten of the Instagram recap 5 of this year was too influenced by the constant changes of the Instagram algorithm. After the summer there was a decline in engagement for everyone and with the hiding of the number of likes many people stopped putting them thinking they were no longer useful. I want to clarify it because in my opinion some more recent photos would have deserved more. Or I have to make up for it and I really got worse taking pictures. Who knows.

Instagram top ten

Easter flat lay best pic ideas Instagram.

. Easter is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. I wish everyone to turn your dreams into reality (re) finding the smile even in those small genuine things that surround us every day. ?

Magliette personalizzate Fashion Snobber.

. “Aware of my style but not of your tastes”. It is more or less with the spirit of this quote of mine that I have decided to throw online all those ideas hitherto jealously enclosed in a drawer overflowing in my head.
They have that ironic touch that sets me apart and they are mainly minimal because you know how much I don’t like doing too many turns of words to get to the point

Pink Tulip.

. Pink tulip, my favorite spring flower.?

Best Instagram recap 5.

. Me, the sup and the sea. ??‍♀️
Nothing else but us.

Venom style.

. We are Venom.?

Migliori foto Instagram recap 5.

. Feathers everywhere, how and when.

Tuscany sea sunset best Instagram pic.

. Aloha (uh-LOW-ja) spirit. ??

Best Instagram recap 5.

. You are my magic. ✨?✨

Migliori foto flat lay Instaram recap.

. Another Monday to overcome. ?

Flamingo lamp best pic Instagram recap.

10°. A flamingo in the city.?

And we’re done for this year too. Let me know which Instagram recap 5 photo you liked the most and if you still don’t follow me I will wait for you on my Instagram profile.

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