10 best fashion information sites and magazines

by fashionsnobber

Recently I wondered what the best online fashion information sites. Among blog, magazine and those taken from the newspapers now there are countless. But what are the ones that most people actually take seriously? After some research I noticed that, perhaps for obvious reasons, all belong to news organizations. So basically in this post we also find out what are the 10 best fashion magazines.

The 10 best fashion magazines are also the 10 best fashion information sites online

Recentemente mi sono chiesta quali fossero i migliori siti di informazione moda online. Tra blog, magazine e quelli tratti dai giornali ormai ce ne sono un’infinità. Ma quali sono quelli che la maggior parte delle persone prende realmente sul serio? Dopo diverse ricerche ho notato che, forse per ovvi motivi, appartengono tutti a testate giornalistiche. Quindi sostanzialmente in questo post scopriamo anche quali sono le 10 migliori riviste di moda.


Logo Cosmopolitan rivista e sito informazione moda online.

American female Monthly with 58 international editions, printed in 34 languages and distributed in over 100 countries. The magazine appeared for the first time in Italy in the early ’70s under the name of “Cosmopolitan Arianna” published by Mondadori. In 2011 he passed to the publisher Hearst Magazines Italy.

D la Repubblica

D la Repubblica rivista e sito informazione moda.

Weekly magazine attached to the daily La Repubblica that comes out on Saturday. The Espresso Group launched him in 1996.

Donna Moderna

Donna Moderna rivista e sito informazione moda online.

Weekly 80s and published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore women born in the late Milan.


Elle rivista di moda.

French monthly magazine launched in autumn 1945, but initially it was a weekly. And ‘the most popular fashion magazine in the world with 42 international editions in over 60 countries and 16 Internet sites dedicated to her.


Glamour rivista di moda e sito web informazione moda online.

Monthly and American fashion company founded in 1939 with the original name of “Glamor of Hollywood“. In Italy it arrived in 1992.


Grazia rivista di moda e sito web informazione moda online.

Weekly Italian women published by Arnoldo Mondadori Editore since 1938 and think, boasts 12 international editions. Not bad for an Italian product. I would say that we can boast about.

Io Donna by Corriere della Sera

Io Donna de il Corriere della Sera.

Milan women’s weekly magazine supplement of the newspaper Corriere della Sera on Saturdays. Launched in 1996, it was the first magazine devoted entirely to women as a daily supplement. The site was launched in 2012 instead.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire rivista di moda.

French women’s Monthly launched in the late 30’s, but initially, like Elle, was a weekly. With 23 international editions and the name was inspired by the title of a French novel.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair rivista di moda.

Weekly Magazine born in the US inizo 80s and launched in Italy in 2003.

Vogue Italia

Vogue Italia migliore rivista di moda e sito web informazione moda online.

US monthly periodical established in far 1892. Launched in Italy in the ’60s is considered the most prestigious magazine and able to lay down the law in this field. It has 18 international editions and what they say, Vogue is Vogue.

Essentially the newspapers are the online master even though find a good space of magazine Alfemminile.com, PourFemme.it and then, like it or not, blog The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni apparently holds enough head to all of them.

Now tell me, among these fashion information sites, which are then mostly also the most read fashion magazines, what it is your favorite that you rely on most? I am not giving almost never Cosmopolitan, Elle, Glamor and Io Donna Corriere della Sera. The other depends a bit ‘by the articles or posts that interest me in a given period. And then, you’re more from blogs or newspapers?

Sources: Wikipedia.

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