Best second year of Fashion Snobber blog

by fashionsnobber

And after we have given to carousing with birthday celebrations is time to see how was the second year of Fashion Snobber. The most read articles to users who have left me the most comments. And to declare the best of each category, as always, you were you based on your visits, clicks, and research. So thank you. thank you for making Fashion Snobber the blog that is.

The best second year of Fashion Snobber blog

Il meglio di Fashion Snobber - Best of Fashion Snobber.

The three most read articles:

How to recognize an original Pandora jewelry
Tattoos: wearing your life
Why fashion bloggers are considered stupid

The three popular posts outfits:

Outfit: culotte pants yes or not?
Outfit: tulle skirt to play football
Outfit: mix & match, black & white

The three popular post of 10 Top & Flop of the month:

10 Top & Flop of the month: March 2016
10 Top & Flop of the month: May 2016
10 Top & Flop of the month: April 2016

The three most commented post:

Outfit: Casual low cost Racerback
Outfit: Casual Spring in blue Levi’s 501
It Selfies who can

The three most commonly used search terms on Google to get to the blog:

Fashion Snobber
Fashion styles
Clothing styles

The three popular blog links:

Instagram profile
Facebook page
Pinterest profile

The three social from which I have received more visits:


The three foreign countries where they are most read:

United States

The day and the most popular now in the blog:

On Mondays at 17:00.

Readers who have left me the greatest number of comments:

Manuela of Unconventional Secrets.
Silvia of Little Fairy Fashion.
Marta of La Gatta Rosa.

This is the best of Fashion Snobber in his second year of life. In about 721 days, with 542 published articles, 11044 comments, page, or better, display after display. We just have to wait until next year and see what will change in this information.

Il meglio del secondo anno di Fashion Snobber - Best second year of Fashion Snobber.

But aside from the numbers, what your personal opinion? What you loved most of the second year of Fashion Snobber?

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