10 best smartphone applications for photography

by fashionsnobber

Since smartphones exist and the ability to take photos I will try and try again millions of different apps. By leaving Instagram, the most popular one, my personal choice ends up with 10 smartphone applications for photography that at the end of the fair I use most of all. To avoid making a mistake to anyone, I present them in alphabetical order.

The 10 best smartphone applications for photography

10 migliori applicazioni smartphone per fotografia - 10 best smartphone applications for photography.

1. Afterlight

For iOS (1.09 €) and Android (0.72 €). Afterlight is the application I prefer and I use most of them. I had already mentioned in the 5 tips on how to make still-life photography at home. It has a quick and effective, easy and intuitive editing of neophytes. Allows you to edit our photos by working on every aspect. From light to shadows, from sharpness to temperature. There are plenty of available filters, frames and more who can put them on. It’s really worth it.

2. Camera+

For iOS ($ 3.49). Just think that more than 10 million of this app have been sold. It’s the first I’ve started to use, and she’s perfect for those who do not know where to begin to get handy to make the most of their photos. You can do everything without limit to fantasy whatever our photographic style. But it’s a great investment for those who need to publish images of a certain level.

3. LINE Camera

Free for both iOS and Android. She is definitely the most sympathetic. But do not be fooled by adolescent design because depending on how you use it can surprise you. Try it and let me know.

4. Photo Lab

Free for both iOS and Android. He is certainly not among the most professional and I confess I had some initial problems to learn how to use it. But if you have a moment of patience and above all you want to create original and different effects than you usually entrust to her. It has more than 800 and puts our testicle to the test. To get out of the usual photographic routine for me is awesome.

5. Pic Monkey

Free for both iOS and Android. Those who rely on the same photo editing website know what I’m talking about. The app is its portable version with everything you need to change our images on the fly. Indispensable I would say.

6. PS Express (Adobe Photoshop Express)

Free for both iOS and Android. Adobe Photoshop directly on our smartphone. What to ask for more? All of its most powerful editing tools at your fingertips. A dream come true.

7. Rookie Cam

Free for both iOS and Android. For those who want to go beyond classic photo editing. A totally comprehensive app in every respect.

8. Studio Fotografico

Free for both iOS and Android. A professional photo editor of 10 and Lode. One of the best solutions in this field. Intuitive and with all the tools you need for those who want to get the most out of your shots. And yes, he can do memes too.


Free for both iOS and Android. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular. Used by every blogger that respects it, it also improves the most difficult photos fast, easy, and intuitive. Designed to help us maximize our creative potential, it should become our right arm.

10. YouCamPerfect

Free for both iOS and Android. In my opinion, it is really the only selfie app that deserves attention. Allows us to change our whole physical appearance cm for cm. Height, curves, skin, makeup and weight included. I just want to be careful about the dosage because it goes from an improvement to a “who is this cabbage?” it’s a moment. Handle with Care.

Here, these are my 10 best office smartphone applications for photography. And what do you trust most about? Do you have any new ones to advise me?

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