How to make a birthday blog cake all by yourself

by fashionsnobber

The first 365 days of Fashion Snobber. Happy birthday blog to me! It was March 13, 2015 and despite being in the lead for some time already (or unfortunately) I decided to open this blog with my first casual outfit. It is useless to recount how much satisfaction has brought me because, not having great expectations, let alone now. It is fine with me as it is going and it will always be fine because I take it for what it is. A space where I talk about my passions through fashion.

365 days of Fashion Snobber: happy birthday blog!

Torta blog compleanno.

Happy birthday to for his first birthday blog. For these days of passion, I shared trying to maintain an editorial plan of 3 posts per week in which I believe I have never changed but have always talked with my heart in my hand for who I am. With my strengths (I have yet to find them) and my shortcomings (an infinity).
Having said that today I’m not here to tell what happened in this year and in these 365 days but to thank all my readers. Who constantly goes to read me. Who just for a simple linkbuilding and does not even know what my name is. All those who pass and don’t comment but take ideas. Who passes just to criticize. All those who never go first if I and I have not gone out of curiosity.

Thank you all

On the day of my first birthday blog I want to thank everyone. Thanks to the exceptional people that this adventure brought me to meet and discover. Thanks to those who have never been afraid to tell me his opinion even if it is different from my thoughts. It taught me a new point of view and showed me with maturity that the estimate does not cease due to a difference of opinion as often happens. I thank you because although we know it is a world where you can really find everything there is also the best, and I am very proud that this best is in my niche.
Thanks to the brands that contacted me believing in me and in my particular way of sponsoring them. I realize that I am moving a little differently from the usual fashion blogs and I feel it from how they respond to me after I tell them I am interested and what I would have in mind.
I thank those who appreciate my “suffering of making outfits” and welcome them with the right spirit with which I wish to be interpreted. That is, with the right irony and sympathy because I certainly could not do better.
In short, thank you all. But all those who have passed through here and will pass in the future. For the next 365 days, I promise you never to change as a person. I will continue to break the boxes on many things. From being a nerd, to always finding that hair in the egg maybe a little uncomfortable. I will continue to dress as I am in my daily life so I don’t think I will abandon sheath dresses for events or jacket, tee and jeans for my daily life. But I promise to improve myself. I will try to make better photos, to be more social and maybe increase the content level a little. I said I’ll try eh, I don’t know if I can. Let’s say I have a good intention of doing it.
I would never have said I would last a year, I am sincere, and even a little incredulous, but I did it.

Fashion Snobber birthday cake

Torta di compleanno su tre piani.

For the birthday blog day I spent the morning cooking a three-story cake. Buying it would have been easier and certainly would have brought a better result but I wanted to try. I am a landslide in the kitchen and I have no manual skills so I hope the attempt is at least appreciated.
I cooked three sponge cake cakes cut in half and stuffed with pomegranate jam. Then I drew them, one too much in fact lost like 5 cm in height. Let’s turn a blind eye. I covered them with white sugar paste, a black satin ribbon at the base of each floor and decorated with Tiffany-colored sugar paste (the color that characterizes my blog). I also tried to recreate the blog logo with the silhouette of the sheath dress with the hat. Roses and candles are obviously not my work. An imperfect result like me, but I like it. I would say it represents me, or rather, it represents the blog and this journey still at the beginning. Let’s enjoy the ride with its ups and downs, disappointments and conquests, let’s make it unique with the joy we are capable of and eat on a nice slice of cake.

Ricetta torta di compleanno a tre piani.

How to make a personalized birthday blog cake.

Sponge cake recipe

Here is the recipe I used for the sponge cake thanks to which I put up the Fashion Snobber cake for the birthday blog. I don’t think it’s anything particular compared to another thousand but maybe it can be convenient.
Doses for a 24 cm diameter sponge cake.

  • 5 eggs
  • salt
  • 150g of sugar
  • 75g of flour
  • 75g of potato starch

Shell the eggs, add a pinch of salt, sugar and with the electric whisk work the ingredients at least 15 minutes. Once you have obtained a foamy compound with an almost white color, check its success by lifting the whisk and noting the mixture forming a “ribbon” that does not immediately sink into the dough but remains on the surface.
Add the flour and potato starch mixed together previously and drop them with a sieve into the dough. They should be incorporated gently with a wooden spoon so as not to disassemble the mixture with the eggs.
Pour the mixture into a buttered and floured hinge mold by baking at 150 ° C for about 40 minutes.
Once cooked, leave the cake in the oven for at least ten minutes in order to prevent it from sagging with the sudden change of temperature between inside and outside.
Remove from the oven and let cool before filling it as we prefer.
Personal advice
Avoid opening the oven during cooking otherwise you run the risk of the cake taking apart.

Birthday blog cake recipe.

Come fare una torta blog compleanno personalizzata.

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