Boccadamo watch, a fashion accessory for all tastes

by fashionsnobber

Boccadamo is one of the bijoux houses that have made more talk about themselves in recent times. The reasons are clear: this is one of the most popular Made in Italy brands. With a 360° commitment in the world of fashion and luxury, every year we offer special and very interesting collections.

The new Boccadamo collections of watch

For some years now, the famous company from Frosinone has decided to expand its offer by launching on the market several collections of timepieces with a unique style. Today we focus on the Boccadamo watches. What are the best? How to bring them? Which models absolutely can not be missing in our collection of precious accessories?

Given that the tastes are always personal, I want to recommend some models that, in my opinion, will make happy the lovers of the class watches and the captivating style of this brand. That’s why I took a tour of the online shop window of GioiaPura, a jewelry store that offers all the latest collections in the catalog, with models for men and women of different types. But no more talk, see my favorites right away.

The best Boccadamo watches

As can be expected from such a prestigious brand, the offer is really wide. For this reason I decided to divide those that I think are the best models of Boccadamo watch by type of strap, so as to make it easier for you to choose the one that best suits your personal tastes.

  • Canvas strap. This is the trendy choice for excellence, certainly an evergreen for women’s fashion. The watches with canvas strap go with everything from the sporty outfit to the most sought-after style of clothing. Among the Boccadamo models, I recommend the beautiful Mya Time, with a striped strap, but also the timepieces of the Princess collection, especially those offered in really feminine pastel colors.
  • Metal sweater. The rules of fashion are not discussed, and the latest trends are clear: the metal timepieces are increasingly appreciated by women. And how to be amazed? The brilliance of these materials makes the steel timepieces a perfect accessory to wear with a bracelet of the same type. I fell in love with the Pin Up collection: thin knit strap, white or black time only dial, with gold, silver or rose gold trim. Suitable for lovers of minimal and clean style.
  • Silicone. Among the Boccadamo silicone watches, the ones that impressed me the most were the Tooble Make Up. Colorful, I recommend them to those who love the brightest shades and look for an accessory that is easy to wear with a casual outfit, for your everyday life.

Orologi Boccadamo - Boccadamo watches.

Orologi Boccadamo - Boccadamo watches.

Orologi Boccadamo - Boccadamo watches.

Finally I also add a little gem that I could not not include in the blog. When I saw the necklaces of the Times is Love collection, I could not resist. These beautiful necklaces are characterized by a pendant that includes the dial of a watch. A truly unique timepiece, to wear with style to give a touch of exceptional originality to your look.

Orologi Boccadamo - Boccadamo watches.

Now that you have a really complete overview of the most interesting models of Boccadamo watches, I wish you a profitable shopping with the products of this special brand.

Ps. Do not forget that Boccadamo offers lots of timepieces also for men, perfect to make an unforgettable gift to the soul mate, a friend or your father. Take a look at the chronographs of the Be Man collection if you do not believe me!

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