Outfit: in a bon ton dress to play outdoors

by fashionsnobber

I have always been a tomboy and in my return as a child from time to time I like to play with anything but female games. Like for example today that with a look in a bon ton dress I got busy trying to figure out how to drive a radio controlled toy car. I would add, to the delight of my son and husband included.

Going back as a child playing with a radio-controlled toy car

Outfit abito bon ton per giocare con una macchinina.

HSP Italy, RK Electric Micro Buggy MT-305 in 1:16 scale with four-wheel drive and 2.4 GHZ remote control. Troian Red model. The name is all a program. Just like trying to understand what all the settings on the remote control are for. Other than instruction booklet. Here it would take a real Formula 1 technician. But proof that he tries again, in my bon ton dress, I was able to calibrate it and start it at full speed. Just in time to enjoy my carefree quarter of an hour (unfortunately the battery lasts very little). Between speed, curves, shifted, drifting, and of course some nice reversal I gave it inside. After all, do not do harm would not be with me right?

Outfit: in bon ton dress and sneakers playing outdoors

To play with the Troian radio-controlled toy car and go back to being a child at the same time, I thought it would take an accompanying look that recalled a little girl’s bon ton style. Unfailing hearts, bows and sneakers with a light but comfortable dress. So I wore an ivory bon ton dress with a contrasting blue Peter Pan collar and applied bows by Asos. Love Moschino sneakers with its inevitable heart details. Banner mini bag with Burberry shoulder strap and heart sunglasses from the Coachella H&M collection. What do you say, makes the idea? I know, maybe a couple of pigtails at Candy Candy would have given that extra touch but unfortunately I still have too short hair and only two species of frayed bog came out.

Cosa indossare per giocare all'aperto con i propri figli.

Outfit bon ton dress.

Outfit for outdoor play.

Outfit bon ton dress for outdoor play.

Outfit abito bon ton.

How to wear bon ton dress.

Dettagli outfit mini abito e sneakers.

While waiting, the battery of the toy car recharges allowing me to play a bit more. I hope this idea of look in a bon ton dress is enjoyed and I renew the appointment for the next outfit story.

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Gemma 10.05.2016 - 15:15

Lovely outfit and looks like fun! Gemma x


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