Breil MyStories, the bracelets that tell about you

by fashionsnobber

Breil has always been one of the leading brands of watches and jewelry in steel capable of dictating style and creating new trends. Also this year it was no less and for this reason today we discover together the new Breil MyStories line. Customizable bracelets really unique and worthy of attention. Telling us with a jewel has never been so easy.

Braccialetti personalizzati Breil MyStories.

“Take away everything but not my Breil”

Unforgettable this slogan launched in the 90s that characterized the adolescence of many of us becoming a real way of saying. I still use it in common language and can only be synonymous with a brand that is able to identify deeply with those who choose to wear it. Born in the late ’30s Breil is a strictly Made in Italy brand characterized by innovative collections of watches and jewels that choose steel as the main protagonist. Modern and contemporary lines, with an essential design, always original and unmistakable. For strong and audacious personalities who love to be noticed without however wanting to renounce the typical charm of Italian style. This is also why it is one of my favorite brands and season after season I never give up anything about their new productions.

Breil MyStories, the customizable bracelets that tell about you

Breil MyStories.

We are in an era when each of us feels the need to be able to say his in one way or another. We want to dress something unique, distinctive that speaks of us, who says who we are or at least is a spokesperson for what we think. The Breil MyStories women bracelets do just that. They give us the chance to think 16 characters, write them down, engrave them and then wear them feeling them ours and without getting tired of it. Rigid bracelets with a minimal and refined style, half in polished steel and half in rose gold steel with the detail of a white zircon. I’m in love with it instantly, as you know I can not resist customizations, and I’ll have the name of my blog engraved. For me it means a lot of things and depending on the interpretation of those who read it, it can mean other things. And you instead? What is the phrase that best represents you? Write it down, engrave it and wear it on a unique and inimitable personalized jewel, now it’s possible.

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