BuyItalianStyle for LVDC to say NO to abuse

by fashionsnobber

BuyItalianStyle is an Italian online store of clothing and accessories with nice prints and lettering that you can wear every day or when you have something to say. LVdC, to be precise La Via dei Colori, is a non-profit association founded in December 2010, a year after the terrible mistreatment of the Cip Ciop kindergarten in Pistoia. From their union, BuyItalianStyle for LVdC was born. A line of t-shirts and accessories for adults and children in which the entire proceeds are donated to the aforementioned association. In practice, in addition to making good healthy shopping made in Italy, we help children and elderly people who are abused in the structures to which we entrust them.

BuyItalianStyle and LVDC-The Way of saying NO Colors mistreatment in structure

I had the pleasure of knowing the president and LVdC association in 2012 and since then I have always followed and supported. Mother I dare not imagine the pain experienced in similar circumstances. Believing immensely in their goal to help, prevent and try to stop these heinous events that unfortunately are spreading like wildfire I was immensely happy to learn of a brand that He sustains them like me. I could not help but wear their article along with my whole family to say NO to abuse because…

If you believe it to really come true.

Magliette "Se ci credi per davvero si avvera".

Moms and dads, sons and daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers, grandchildren, brothers and sisters, all in short. If you ever happen to even the slightest doubt that in a structure can happen something like do not hesitate. Call toll-free 800.984.971 La Via dei Colori association or if you have the certainty reported. The law is always on your side and fortunately there who can help you with a team of experts at your disposal. Do not be afraid. Safeguarded the future of your loved ones before it becomes irreparable. Together you can not ever forget.

Magliette BuyItalianStyle per LVdC.

Magliette BuyItalianStyle for La Via dei Colori Onlus.

In addition to these beautiful shirts in pure cotton on BuyItalianStyle you will find many other articles really tasty and nice to help LVdC. Leave someone there to look around and if you like you know that by purchasing dates one hand while supporting a cause that deserves to not go unnoticed.

Prodotti BuyItalianStyle for LVdC.

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Travelera 21.06.2015 - 8:39

These are really lovely family pictures! X

fashionsnobber 25.06.2015 - 16:51

Thank you very much on behalf of all of us. :*


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