The camel coat is the best buy of the sales this winter

by fashionsnobber

With the arrival of the sales, the race towards the must-have of the year begins to buy fashionable clothing while saving on costs. But what is the best buy of the sales this winter? At the top we certainly find the camel coat: a timeless cloth that all women must have in their closet.

Why choose the camel coat

Camel coat winter must-have.

If you wonder why buying this item on sale, know that there are many reasons.
The Max Mara camel coat can in fact be considered a must have outerwear. Not only because of a neutral color and capable of adapting to any style of clothing, but also because the garment will be the protagonist of fashion until spring 2020, becoming an excellent ally of style thanks to its unparalleled characteristics: softness, opacity, versatility, practicality and elegance, all in a cloth adaptable to any look.

Features and fit of the camel coat: a mix of refinement and ductility

The intrinsic characteristics of the camel coat, neutral and versatile, make this cloth the best buy of the 2020 sales, an outerwear on which I recommend you invest this year.
If you prefer soft, refined and at the same time capable of covering you from the cold, you will certainly love this coat, because you can wear it even on the coldest winter evenings, without worrying about combining it with specific colors or styles (being of a neutral color, in fact, it can be combined very easily with any outfit, in order to make it elegant or casual according to your preferences).
The camel coat has a double-breasted buttoning, is made of a pure virgin wool fabric and has pockets with a turn-up. The perfect cloth to wear even in spring, with a light shirt underneath or a cotton pullover.

How to match the must have of 2020: useful tips

To understand the importance of choosing the right coat in a look, just think of any winter outfit. If combined with a neutral and fashionable coat it is able to highlight even the simplest clothing styles. Giving an extra touch of elegance to even the most banal clothing. Imagine the camel coat under an informal outfit, that is combined with jeans and sneakers. It would immediately become an avant-garde look (if the cloth is combined with knee-high boots, then it gives the clothing an even rock tone).
The camel coat can also be adapted to more elegant and not necessarily casual clothing, such as a formal dress and stiletto heels: the perfect match for an elegant evening.
The cloth, of course, can also be worn with more spring fabrics. That is, under skirts and miniskirts, because this coat is expected to be part of the must-haves of the year at least until March, where it can be shown off with “slingback” shoes and pencil skirts, to create an elegant and modern look suitable for any occasion.

Source: Elle.

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