The camel colored coat and the luxury of contrasts

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The camel colored coat matches practically all styles, both with accessories and unbridled luxury items, and with low-cost fashion contrasts. In my opinion, Luna takes advantage of being an icon of this garment and manages to mix luxury, exclusive and trendy details. The result is an easy chic woman, who rests her coat on her shoulders, but who “knows it much longer”, as the model of sunglasses suggests. Let’s analyze everything in more detail.

The camel colored coat

Outfit cappotto color cammello .

Perhaps never as in recent years has we heard so much about the camel colored coat and the reference to the Max Mara brand is inevitable. Max Mara is the brand that represents the values of high quality and that in 1981 created this icon coat with the designer Anne-Marie Beretta. In addition to having an impeccable line, the iconic coat has a super fine wool and cashmere fabric.
I don’t know about you, but when I buy from the Max Mara brand or even from the “younger” Max & Co. Chain, I feel super important. I know that I am investing in a well-made garment that is also attentive to the needs and fashions of the moment.
Almost 40 years have passed since the release of this outerwear and, despite possible variations such as the doublet or dressing gown model, it remains a current, trendy and desired item by every woman.
Kate Middleton herself, who still hasn’t given up attending real life situations, is used to wearing her favorite camel colored coat.

The question of camel tint and contrasts

To date, low cost fashion allows us to recall the exclusivity of an iconic coat without having to foresee an important economic investment. Like?
With the question of color! In fact, at a low cost price we cannot expect pure cashmere, but it is possible to trace models and colors to immediately create a feeling of sophisticated sophistication.
The combination with something that recalls the sense of exclusivity and luxury is in fact immediate.

Camel colored coat outfit.

Luna chooses the Ricky bag by Ralph Lauren that underlines and recalls the essence of the iconic and a turtleneck sweater with buttons with golden details. A nuance that strongly recalls wealth.
The shoes are a super youth model of sneakers with an animal print absolutely ton sur ton with a camel colored coat.
In reality, the Converse All Stars, despite having the same color base as the coat, are a pendant (in terms of attitude) with heart-shaped sunglasses. In this way, while the coat resting on the shoulders gives measured movements and attention to the bearing, the trendy elements tell something more. The law of contrasts in fashion is not always applicable, but with the camel colored coat it is easy to combine glamorous elements or luxury accessories.
Mixing styles in this way allows us to vary our style according to how we feel, but also to make the most of the must-have pieces in our wardrobe.

Come indossare il cappotto color cammello.

Camel colored coat outfit.

Outfit cappotto color cammello Zara.

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