How to care for light blond hair

by fashionsnobber

I was born with light blond hair. I grew up losing that beautiful hue. I find myself with a brown ash that knows rat fur. Yet I feel blonde. Inside and outside. A little ‘diva, moody, gentle, practical and sensual as said to be characterized the personality of the blondes.

5 steps that take care of light blond hair

The blond hair tend to be fragile and sensitive not only because of the atmospheric agents but also for smog, limestone powder that weaken them and making them appear dull. But let us see step by step how we can take care of our light blond hair.


The light hair does not like frequent washing. It would be better to wash them up to three times a week. a bun trick is to rinse at the end of a washing first with warm water and then with cold water to them brighter.


The shampoo should be chosen nutrient and antioxidant. Those chamomile are the best to bring out their natural shine.


Apply it after shampooing thoroughly rinsed with warm water. Abound on the tips and let it soak for a minimum of three minutes. This allows you to do it better and take action to create a nutritious film that serves to protect them.


Once or twice a week would be a good practice to apply a nourishing mask and repairer to suit your needs. Distribute well over the entire length avoided the roots and leave on for at least 10 minutes with her hair wrapped in a warm towel.


Before proceeding to the fon it is good pat dry the hair and not rubbing with a towel.

Behold, these are the main small attentions to put into practice to take care of light hair.

How to get a clear natural light blond

And with all this talk of blond surely I have made me want to get a clear natural blond. And who better than L’Oreal can help us on this? I recently found out the hair color without ammonia Prodigy line and nuance light blonde I find it nothing short of fabulous. Easy application allows you to give our hair a natural shine and bright reflections thanks to MICRO-OIL Technology (M-Ot). The micro-oil pervades strand by strand and into the hair fiber restoring optimum coverage not only for white hair, but also for those with a natural color off as mine. The hair is not only visibly from roots to tips with a uniform natural color but also more hydrated and soft.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

Capelli biondo chiaro - Light blond hair.

What are we waiting for? Power to light blonde! ;)

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable to “Hair” board.

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