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0 6 m read

5 practical tips to make friends the Instagram algorithm

Now it’s a fact, the new Instagram algorithm is penalizing the vast majority of accounts. Although we want to give a damn about it if we want to move forward on this social network we have to make it a friend. Ok that we publish for hobby, passion or fun, but …

0 5 m read

Social media: the decalogue of good manners online

Today we talk about social media, nothing complicated, is nothing more than a generic term used to indicate the technologies adopted on the net to share textual content, images, video and audio. In practice our beloved social networks. Previously I gave you advice on how to best use

0 4 m read

8 essential tips how to make online shopping security

More and more, we rely on internet shopping for a variety of reasons. From lack of time to being physically in a store or just because what we want is not in our area. Having the certainty of knowing how to make online shopping security thus becomes a necessity. And after …

0 3 m read

10 best smartphone applications for photography

Since smartphones exist and the ability to take photos I will try and try again millions of different apps. By leaving Instagram, the most popular one, my personal choice ends up with 10 smartphone applications for photography that at the end of the fair I use most of all. To …

0 3 m read

How to use hashtags on Instagram and invent new

I had already mentioned this topic in my past post, “Instagram Instructions for Use“. Unfortunately, however, I noticed that many still continue to misuse the use of hashtags thinking they serve to form sentences. #exampleinthisway #or #so. That is why I decided to dedicate a full …

0 3 m read

How and when to publish on social networks

Every self-respecting blogger must also take account of his presence on social networks. How and when to publish on social media is therefore a matter to be addressed and to keep in mind if we want our contents are not lost in the ether. What is the …