ChicMeUp the new company shop 2.0

by fashionsnobber

Save the date! Today is officially online ChicMeUp, a new company shop online clothing we hear a lot about, and we fall in love right away. The idea that was missing to make it original and totally revolutionize the world of online shops and marketplaces.You know what I particularly appreciate the refined things, the news and everything that values above all our style and personality rather than cheer trends called by the fashion system and the big brand. In fact for me is much more inspiring get ideas and learn from those who are independent and moves only giving voice to his innate creativity and to their taste rather than fashions taxes. This is why today I have the pleasure to introduce you and tell you about ChicMeUp who managed to make social care to all our bad. Shopping.

ChicMaUp social shop.

ChicMeUp the new company shop that transforms e-commerce in 2.0

On ChicMeUp not only will we make purchases on any online shop as navigating the proposals offered for sale by shops, private and independent designers but we socialize in a sort of wardrobe Facebook.
I know it seems impossible, yet ChicMeUp succeeded in this great design born from an initial idea by Italy’s Alessia Gods and realized thanks to the experience of Maria Luisa D’Orazi. Two Italian girls are able to understand both the sellers needs and those of customers.

Alessia e Maria Luisa di ChicMaUp.

How does ChicMeUp?

Simple, if you are an individual, a shopkeeper or an independent designer Italian or foreigner will be able to create free personalized showcase set before your clothes for sale, enhancing your creativity, your originality and style through your outfit photos, selfies, still life as well as through videos, posts, comments, and shares to which everyone can contribute by finding social space next to each item. A direct link between the vendor and its customers as similarly occurs on any company but here the undisputed star is the fashion.
Moreover ChicMeUp follows the 360 ° seller, from being published to the actual sale protecting buyers personally and physically checking the article guaranteeing an excellent quality control. All this for free, in fact, will only be adding a percentage to the gain provided by the seller.
ChicMeUp is innovation and total revolution on how to sell clothing online, it will be impossible to do without them as well as browse through the articles in their magazine ChicMag where we will always find new advice and many ideas that can help us improve about taking advantage of their services.

ChicMeUp. L'e-commerce diventa 2.0.

There would be so much more to say about ChicMeUp but I would not be too tediante and reveal everything right away because it would lose the magic of discovery and the innate curiosity in all of us, so I leave you to go and see on their site with the assurance that not forsake more . I ChicMeUp and you? I wait for you! :*

ChicMeUp new best social shop.

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