Christmas colors: which one to choose to decorate the tree

by fashionsnobber

After seeing how to decorate the Christmas tree step by step and the 10 most original diy ideas, the choice of colors certainly deserves a parenthesis. Decorations and decorations, which are monochromatic or bichromatic, see classic combinations such as white and silver, white and red, red and gold, blue and silver. For those who are tired of tradition, the most trendy alternatives are the pink, light green, purple, bronze and yes, even black. In addition to the neutral colors for a more and more requested natural style. So the Christmas colors to choose from become so many and I thought of enclosing them in a post, as well as a source of inspiration, also to understand how it is better to combine them.

The most popular Christmas colors to decorate the Christmas tree

Before leaving you to the selection of the best achievements that I found online I would like to advise you the choice of a color scheme that can be homogeneous, taking also into account the surrounding environment. For example, in an ultra-modern home, a strictly Shabby Chic tree may not be ideal. Christmas trees in warm colors are characterized by shades of orange, red and gold. Those with cold colors for blue, green, purple and silver. The metallic Christmas colors (gold, silver and bronze) are the easiest to match but to enhance them to the best the light shades are the best choice.

White Christmas tree

It is the easiest color to combine because it fits well with everyone and allows elegant combinations even with metallic colors. The white Christmas tree, in my opinion, is always the most chic and refined solution.

Albero colori di Natale bianco - Christmas colors white tree.White and silver Christmas tree.Albero di Natale bianco.White Christmas tree idea.Minimal white Christmas tree.

Blue Christmas tree

Blue and silver are definitely the most used combination but it is also very good with white. On the contrary, it would be better to avoid it with red, gold and copper (also with regard to the lights) as long as you do not want to dare a lot and it is a very dark blue. The light blue is instead perfect with both silver and white decorations.

Blue Christmas tree.Blue and white Christmas tree.Blue and silver Christmas tree.Blue and white Christmas tree.Blue Christmas tree.

Pink Christmas tree

Pink is a delicate but very original choice, perfect with white, silver or gold and warm lights.

Pink Christmas tree.Pink and silver Christmas tree.Pink and white Christmas tree.Pink Christmas tree.

Red Christmas tree

A classic that never goes out of fashion especially if combined with the gold that make them the Christmas colors par excellence. Obviously very well also with white, silver and green.

Albero di Natale rosso e bianco.Red Christmas tree.Christmas tree red and white.Albero colori di Natale rosso - Christmas colors red tree.Red and gold Christmas tree.

Green Christmas tree

Even the green, above all clear, is a fine and delicate choice, perfect with gold or silver, red, but also with light blue and pink.

Green Christmas tree.Green and gold Christmas tree.Green and white Christmas tree.Green and red Christmas tree.Green and blue Christmas tree.

Purple or black Christmas tree

A choice defined rather dark but decidedly unusual and of great effect. The purple is fine with anthracite, silver, black and white. Black, on the other hand, loves violet, silver and white.

Black Christmas tree.Purple Christmas tree.Black Christmas tree.Purple and silver Christmas tree.Black Christmas tree.Violet Christmas tree.

Said and learned this good inspiration to all and let me know what are your favorite Christmas colors and which ones you have chosen to decorate the Christmas tree.

Credits: Images found on Pinterest and viewable on the “Christmas” board.

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