Christmas made in Italy with Sapaf Atelier 1954

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Christmas parties are approaching. The cities light up, the houses are sprung up, the desire for sweets increases and magically a good part of the people also becomes a little more smiling. The hunt for the perfect gift idea has officially begun and how could I not advise you to choose the Christmas made in Italy signed Sapaf Atelier 1954? My favorite women bags able to tell two stories. That of their DNA, made of pure craftsmanship, quality and passion. And then ours, with our style, our personality and all the important things that talk about us and we rely on them every day.

Christmas made in Italy by Sapaf Atelier 1954

Every person should want to make and receive a unique, exclusive, lasting gift and created with love by Italian craftsmen of excellence respectful of their roots. An original gift that can never be an exact copy because there is a manual touch to make it unrepeatable. Similar but never the same as another creation. A high quality gift made with care and passion not only for the choice of precious and refined materials. A gift that supports our artisan customs and our country through that expression known throughout the world synonymous with excellence and value. made in Italy. Guarantee and security of a typical article born from an ancient manufacturing knowledge of unparalleled history and culture. The Christmas made in Italy by Sapaf Atelier is all this and much more.

My Christmas signed Sapaf Atelier 1954

Christmas made in Italy with Sapaf Atelier bags.

Sapaf Atelier’s tradition and spirit of innovation are immediately recognizable in the creativity of their luxury bags, which I find fascinating as a work of art.
The style of this brand has revolutionized Florentine craftsmanship since the 1950s thanks to the creative genius of a couple, Silvano and Valdivia Calistri, who have made the family and its values, unfortunately often forgotten, a security in which to continue their artistic poetry.
To color these holidays, the contemporary character of Sapaf’s Christmas made in Italy is also tinged with black and white. Two timeless shades that every woman loves to wear not only during the holidays. For this Christmas we decide to make a choice that aims at the future. We give, and why not, let’s give ourselves a bag capable of accompanying us everywhere and in any case during our most magical days towards the realization of our dreams. Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas outfit.

Christmas outfit idea.

Christmas made in Italy outfit idea.

Christmas look idea.

Christmas outfit red and black.

What to wear for Christmas festivity.

Red coat Christmas outfit.

How to wear a red coat.

How to dress at Christmas.

Christmas gift idea made in Italy.

Sapaf Atelier Christmas made in Italy.

Luxury bag made in Italy by Sapaf Atelier.

Sapaf Atelier Christmas made in Italy.

Luxury handbag made in Italy Sapaf Atelier.

Christmas gift idea mini bag Sapaf Atelier.

Christmas gift idea made in Italy luxury bag.

What to give for Christmas.

Christmas gift idea made in italy bags.

Credits: Photos by Leonardo Calistri and Beatrice Botticelli. Location Suvereto (Livorno).

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