Christmas outfit: best wishes and more sincerity for all

by fashionsnobber

Merry Christmas. Yes, because nowadays there is very little to celebrate. Here are my best wishes and a Christmas outfit idea suitable for this holiday atmosphere.
I love this period. It makes me dream and hope for better and better days despite my happiness having already reached it. I always remember that famous quote by Charles Bukowski that we all read, heard and felt, often changing it at will:

“It’s Christmas: little lights always come on earlier, while people are always more intermittent. I would like a December with the lights off and the people…

Basically it is not so optimistic as a thought but rather melancholy (or at least, it is what transmits to me) but I like it.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and lots of sincerity

At Christmas I don’t get better. I don’t become kinder or less snobbish towards those I don’t know. I always remain myself and I do not send greetings composed of quotes and phrases of circumstance. Neither are gifts due. I do not say that I would not receive anything because the joy of others or peace in the world is enough for me. That is obvious they all want and it is impossible to depend on myself. I always remain consistent with myself and I don’t change because the period almost requires it. For this Christmas, initially I would like a nice pack of €500 banknotes to satisfy my every whim. I would like that job that gives me so much satisfaction from making me understand that the direction is the right one. I would like that journey so far from allowing me, perhaps, to never return. Obviously I wish I could go to bed every night with a light heart like now. The health of all my loved ones. Continue to live with a smile that so characterizes me. Keep the carefree feeling of a child capable of always making me believe in fairy tales and magic. But everything goes back to that nice bunch of banknotes that would help. I don’t want to seem venal to you, but I don’t even hypocritical to tell you that I wouldn’t need them. We must be sincere in life. It is the basis of everything.
So, wearing my favorite Christmas outfit, I wish you SINCERITY.
Sincerity to yourself. To others and I wish you all are sincere towards you. So much sincerity for all because I noticed it lacks a lot in this world. Predicated but not known how to use. Hidden behind so much useless envy. I hope that in the night when everything can happen it rains sincerity everywhere. So many many best wishes to all of you for a sincere Merry Christmas.

Christmas outfit: what to wear for the holidays

A few days at Christmas. The race for gifts is ending and the classic stage of the #whatthefuckwearing for various dinners and various family and non-lunches begins to arise. My proposal is a Christmas outfit with a preppy tartan dress. It is good for all and for any type of celebration it is perfect for me. A timeless classic with which it is impossible to go wrong.

What to wear for Christmas.

Outfit Natale - Christmas outfit.

Outfit Natale abito tartan - Christmas outfit tartan dress.

How to dress for Christmas.

Christmas outfit dominated by the tartan dress with puff sleeves, Peter Pan collar and velvet bow by Polo Ralph Lauren. Opaque tights Calzedonia, ballerinas with pon pon Asos and clutch Miss Sixty. Imperfect photos, imperfect poses and imperfect lights because my sincerity is also in this. Show reality in its imperfections capable of making it, perhaps not better, but certainly unique. The Christmas tree is not precise at all. I know but let’s face it, it’s the children’s party. It is already so much that my son did not want to do it with the Ninja Turtles as every single day he moves the decorations from one side of the tree to the other, saying that Leonardo (one of the four ninja) likes them more. ;P

Red and white Christmas tree.

Shoes and bag Christmas outfit.

With this year’s Christmas outfit we are done. Still best wishes, which is special for each of you and as usual I look forward to the next idea of look.

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angelichic 26.12.2015 - 23:46

Perfetta come Babbo Natalina!!! Splendida!

angelichic 26.12.2015 - 23:44

Che bel post!

TheItalianGlam 24.12.2015 - 12:43

cara, sei incantevole, m’immagino stasera vestirai così, no?
ti auguro una serena Vigilia vicino ai tuoi e buon Natale….
p.s. la questione della sincerità è un po’ spinosa, chissà perché non piace a nessuno…io sto ancora sperando

alessandra 23.12.2015 - 13:25

che belle queste foto, il vestito è bellissimo, perfetto per le serate di Natale!

Claudia R. Gallo 23.12.2015 - 4:04

Wow, nice dress for Christmas, and Happy New Year!

idu 22.12.2015 - 5:31

You look darling!!! I love your dress so, great choice.

Missy May 21.12.2015 - 17:43

You look so pretty and cute. Such lovely photos and Merry Christmas to you. :)


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